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Hitman3 - Mumbai

Warning: This is rant about I how much I love Mumbai.

Mumbai is probably the best map I have ever played in any video game ever. I spent 40 hours in Hawkes Bay and the Training Course missions before I had enough money to buy the Mumbai pack. It was the first real map I have ever played and I think I have put in 80 hours on this map alone. The map is masterfully crafted with 3 distinct locations, Rangan Tower, the Slums, and the Train yard. I love Rangan Tower and the Slums about equally, and I think the Train yard is a little worse. Each location has really awesome theme and design. The targets are my favorite in the entire series because of their distinct personalities and looks. Don't even get me started on the Kills, which again I think are the best in the series. Killing the Maelstrom and Shah with a Train and then riding on the train as the exit, Crushing Dawood Rangan and the Maelstrom with a huge Tube on a crane, slicing the Maelstrom's neck while pretending to be the barber, choking Shah with a measuring tape while disguised as the tailor, pushing Rangan off the roof with a giant fan, and even making a local assassin kill the targets for you. Another aspect that I love is the design of the Bollywood security, the Crows gang, and the Queen's Guards. Each of them look bad ass in their own ways. Although maps like Paris and Miami take place in cities, Mumbai is the only one where you feel like you are a city, with bustling crowds, rooftops, apartments, shops, and alleyways that you can sneak through. The map also a lot of mini locations that are so memorable to me like the Beach Crows Hideout, the underground base that you can access using the sewers, the Chawls, the Sky walk, the laundry, the construction site, the barge, the shopping district, the Tailor's shop, the bathroom that you knock out the tailor in, and the shipping crate you can lock pick through to get into the train yard. Another thing I remember is the awesome unlocks you get from the Mumbai mastery, the Silverballer MK 2, the Silenced Uzi, and the Bartoli were so fun to shoot up the tower with when I got bored. Another thing I love some much is the sunset on that map, It is so beautiful and atmospheric. Finally the small details in the map such as 2 gang members talking to one another in a small apartment while watching TV, Rangan telling one of his bodyguards that he poisoned as Indian soccer player to rig the game, the Maelstrom talking to a women at the beach near the hideout, Vanya Shah talking to one of her workers while being fanned by her servant, I think I could go on for days. I wish I could erase my memory and play this mission all over again.


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