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Museum of Ancient History- Map Concept

Hitman5 - Museum of Ancient History- Map Concept

Good afternoon, 47. Your destination is the Museum of Ancient History in Berlin. Your targets are Ivan Crane, a Czech mobster with a noticeable fondness for ancient art, and Clara Reitter, museum coordinator and informant for the Russian mob. Clara plans to exchange vital info on a recent visitor to the museum, the President of Slovakia. Crane is serving as the representative of the Russian mafia, who is planning a hit on the newly elected president. Reitter’s knowledge collected through spies and bugs will prove invaluable to the effort. Eliminate Ivan Crane and Clara Reitter before they have a chance to exchange information. I’ll leave you to prepare.

This would be the opening briefing to my new map idea, the Museum of Ancient History in Berlin, Germany. I was inspired by this post. I am only covering ancient history (Romans and before) so if anyone wants to do a different time period feel free. I’ll start by sharing the small dialogue that would play upon loading the default starting location, then some extra info. Afterward, I’ll share the disguises, the starting locations, and mission stories. Remember, this is just a map concept, and not real or official. I’m just having some fun.

Welcome to Berlin, 47. The new Egyptian themed exhibit has just opened, and the museum is bustling with visitors. You’ll find Ivan Crane wandering the exhibits, intent to take in as much as he can. Clara Reitter is on the top floor of the museum, overseeing the opening of the new exhibit. Good luck, 47.

Some key areas:

Ancient Rome Exhibit- Includes a large statue of a Roman soldier, weapons behind glass (that can be broken), and a large model of the colosseum at the center of the room. Additionally, a small catwalk hangs above it.

Cretaceous Period Exhibit- Includes a large skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex and an animatronic Triceratops. A small room overlooks the exhibit

Ancient Egypt Exhibit- Includes a sarcophagus with a masked Pharoah inside. Also includes a large pyramid. Two floors above it is Reitter’s office, with nothing in between but small support beams.

Ice Age Exhibit- A small cave with a caveman model holding a spear. A lake at the center of the room is covered with ice.

All of the exhibits have some noninteractive parts. Perhaps small artifacts with text next to them that can’t be read, or statues and pottery.

All of the exhibits branch off from the main room, which includes a ticket stand. There is a small gift shop off to the side. On the opposite side of the sphinx as the gift shop is a small outdoor dining area and cafe. The main area includes a massive model of the sphinx, constructed to advertise the new exhibit. Behind the sphinx in a trespassing area is a staircase leading to an upper floor. This floor includes offices, a security center, access to the catwalk above the Ancient Rome Exhibit, a room with controls that control the Triceratops animatronic, and another staircase leading to the top floor. There is also a break room, where four mobsters are hanging out. The top floor is a small office with glass walls, surrounded by a rooftop.

In the basement is a storage area, which contains random ancient items, some of which can be used as weapons. There is also a mechanism that is hooked up to the triceratops. Down here is the outfit of a Roman soldier. There is also an AC mechanism, which can individually cool certain exhibits, driving people to leave them. The basement is mostly empty except for 3 maintenance workers, who can be easily knocked out.

Target Routine:

Ivan wanders through each exhibit, occasionally stopping to get a snack at the restaurant. Reitter wanders between her office and the second floor of the building, sometimes taking a smoke on the rooftop


Assistant (Unique Disguise)



Caveman (Hostile and Unique Disguise)

Delinquent (Unique Disguise)

Gift Shop Employee

Maintenance Worker

Museum Employee

Museum Security

Pharaoh (Hostile and Unique Disguise)

Roman Soldier (Unique Disguise)


Ticket Taker (Unique Disguise)

Tour Guide (Unique Disguise)

Tourist (Unique Disguise)

T-rex Costume (Found in Gift Shop, Unique Disguise)


Starting Locations:

Museum Entrance (As 47)

Gift Shop (As Gift Shop Employee)

Restaurant (As Waiter)

Basement (As Maintenance Worker)

Cretaceous Exhibit (As Museum Employee)

Break Room (As Mobster)

Rooftop (As 47)

Mission Stories:

A Cold Trek

It seems Ivan has a private tour, but the tour guide is busy with another customer. Perhaps you could perform the tour yourself, 47?

  1. Get rid of the Tourist

  2. Disguise yourself as the Tour Guide

  3. Meet with Ivan

  4. Lead Ivan to the Ice Age Exhibit

You can get rid of the tourist by poisoning his water as a waiter, then knocking him out in the bathroom, and putting him in a box. Getting rid of the tourist but not the tour guide will cause the tour guide to meet with Ivan. You can disguise yourself as the Caveman while no one is looking at you, then when people have their back turned, kill Ivan with the spear and cover him with fake snow so he isn’t found. If you do disguise yourself as the tour guide, you can shove Ivan into the lake. It will play an animation where he bangs on the ice, then eventually drifts down. This counts as both an accident kill and a body hidden.


Old friends of Ivan’s are eager to play darts with him, but nobody can find the board.

  1. Find the dartboard

  2. Hang the dartboard

  3. Disguise yourself as a Mobster

  4. Invite Ivan to play

The dartboard can be found in a nearby room, behind a box. It counts as an intel item until it is hung. The only way to get SA in this story is to knock out all the mobsters. When you play with Ivan, while he is throwing a dart, you can toss one through his head.

Triple Threat

It seems the animatronic Triceratops is out of commission. Shame, Ivan seemed especially interested in it.

  1. Fix the Triceratops

  2. Obtain a Museum Employee disguise

  3. Go to the Triceratops controls

  4. Wait for Ivan to near the triceratops

You can fix the Triceratops in the basement, with a screwdriver. The controls are on the second floor, overlooking the Cretaceous Exhibit. When Ivan approaches, you can activate the Triceratops, causing it to impale him.

Assassination Vertex

So, there’s an architecture problem under Reitter’s office. Interesting.

  1. Clear out the Egyptian exhibit

  2. Sabotage the supports of Reitter’s office

  3. Wait for Reitter to enter her office

You can clear out the Egyptian exhibit by turning up the air conditioning. You can sabotage the supports with a wrench. When Reitter enters her office, you can push over a support beam, causing the floor of the office to crash downward, ultimately leading to Reitter being impaled on the pyramid, and the office covering the new exhibit.


It seems Reitter wants to personally oversee that no harm comes to the Sphinx statue. You could use this to your advantage, 47.

  1. Get rid of the ticket taker

  2. Find the graffiti bottle

  3. Graffiti the Sphinx

  4. Wait for Reitter to come down

The delinquent is using the graffiti bottle on a bathroom stall. You can knock him out and hide him in a box in the same stall. After you graffiti the Sphinx, Reitter will come down. You can shoot the Sphinx’s face to cause it to fall on her and crush her.

Refreshments, Please

Reitter hasn’t got her afternoon cup of coffee and is getting irritable. Perhaps you should fix something up?

  1. Disguise yourself as the Assistant

  2. Brew a cup of coffee

  3. Serve Reitter her coffee

After brewing the coffee, you can choose to poison it. If you don’t Reitter will stand by the edge of the roof to drink it, and you can push her to her death.

Crash Landing

It appears the meeting spot is on a catwalk above the Roman exhibit. Seems like an interesting opportunity, don’t you think?

  1. Sabotage the catwalk

  2. Disguise yourself as a Bodyguard

  3. Escort Ivan to the meeting spot

After bringing Ivan there, a bodyguard will radio Clara and the two will meet on the bridge. At this point, you can kick the catwalk, causing it to collapse into the colosseum model, killing Clara and Ivan.

Here’s a fun kill I couldn’t come up with a mission story for. Disguise yourself as the Pharaoh and hide in the sarcophagus. When Ivan approaches, you slam the lid in his face, snap his neck, and stuff him in the sarcophagus. You could also push statues onto him, or collapse the t-rex skeleton on him

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my map concept

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