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My (blind) attempt to rank all SASO Master levels from the easiest to the most difficult

Hitman5 - My (blind) attempt to rank all SASO Master levels from the easiest to the most difficult

So I have recently been able to score 100% from all the levels in the game so far, with little to no external help at all, which mostly applied to any SASO runs, which I didn't want to spoil for myself, preferred to find my own way of handling things and then execute it. Right now, I am going to try to rank all those missions and see how are you going to agree with me.

  1. Illusions of Grandeur (Mumbai) – this mission literally introduces you with a SASO method, could it get even easier?
  2. Nightcall (Hawke's Bay) – lots of methods, only one target, the area is guarded, but it's really easy to pass by, could that be even easier?
  3. Chasing a Ghost (Mumbai) – Kashmirian guy is going to do the dirty job for us, the only dirty work you have to do, is to put a paint in Painter's tools. For real, that could've been even easier to do than Hawke's Bay!
  4. A Bitter Pill (Whittleton Creek) – another simple level, lots of ways to reach the target… couldn't get easier.
  5. Landslide (Sapienza) – only one target, lots of opportunities, but finding a good way can be tricky at first glance.
  6. The Final Test (ICA Facility) – still a cakewalk, getting to Jasper can be tricky if you don't know how, but it's easy to figure out. Add on top of that a fact, there is no Master difficulty for this level, so you can even simplify everything by saving as often as possible.
  7. A Silver Tongue (Miami) – who could've guessed, another one-target level. Finding a good way of killing AJ might take a bit, tho it's nothing bad.
  8. Situs Inversus (Hokkaido) – Yuki gets an award of the easiest SASO target in Hitman 1. Killing Soders isn't much harder, but may required a bit of focus.
  9. The Showstopper (Paris) – easy with current methods. Even without them, there are lots of opportunities to get rid of targets.
  10. A House build on Sand (Marrakesh) – not many ways to get rid of targets, but current ones are pretty straight-forward and shouldn't cause much trouble.
  11. The Author (Sapienza) – just like above, maybe a bit trickier.
  12. Another Life (Whittleton Creek) – you will have to hold some knowledge of the clues, otherwise the last objective can be painful. Killing both targets on the other hand, isn't really demanding.
  13. The Icon (Sapienza) – don't get yourself fooled by one target, getting rid of Dino wasn't really a good experience for me, and I doubt others enjoyed it as well. I am not sure if there are any easier methods, apart from entering his caravan and killing him there.
  14. The Source (Bangkok) – kinda annoying targets, without proper plan, this one is going to be really painful. It's much easier to do that challenge in H1, although this list only takes Hitman 2 in the account.
  15. The Finish Line (Miami) – Sierra is probably the easiest target in the entire game to SASO. Seriously, I cannot think about easier target in the game. You literally can shoot her down with your pistol. The same, does not apply to Robert tho, he's heavily guarded, and can only really be taken down with ease on the balcony. Apart from that, I cannot see any better opportunity.
  16. A Gilded Cage (Marrakesh) – Reza Zeydan is another "the easiest SASO target in Hitman 1", tho getting rid of Strandberg will require a bit more of planning, since moving through the consulate isn't really easy.
  17. World of Tomorrow (Sapienza) – it's not really THAT hard to get rid of both targets AND virus with current method, it's just the fact we have finally reached the point where we have more complex maps, and perfect execution with only one save to utilize, can be painful from time to time. I think that's the point where things are getting harder for real.
  18. Patient Zero (Hokkaido) – unless you get rid of Owen quickly, you are going to have a bad time.
  19. Golden Handshake (New York) – if you know what to do, getting the data from the vault is going to be pretty straight-forward. However, Athena isn't really that easy target to take care of, and reaching her headquarters AND killing her might be a bit painful.
  20. Three-Headed Serpent (Colombia) – killing Andrea and Rico isn't really hard, Jorge is the one who will cause you some trouble. There aren't many opportunities for him.
  21. The Ark Society (Isle of Sgail) – quite unpopular opinion here, but I didn't find this map to be that scary as it's made by community here. I think that navigation through the level itself is pretty demanding, but with proper map knowledge, gets kinda nullified. Also, there aren't many opportunities to get rid of targets, but it's pretty easy to figure out, where you could possibly get rid of them. Add on top of that the fact, you don't really need to escort
  22. Embrace of the Serpent (Colombia) – that's probably the cheapest challenge one could make here. Blair is being followed by his guards constantly, there aren't many ways to reach the book, and I don't really think there are many ways to kill the target either!
  23. The Last Resort (Haven Island) – OK, if you are going completely blind for this one, don't expect it to be easy. If you don't bring electrocution phone with you (which I personally find way too cheap to use, and simply don't use it at all…), then killing Tyson becomes a joke. Figuring out how to take out Steven is no shit too and shouldn't be ignored. Thank god Ljudmila is at least an easy target to kill!
  24. Club 27 (Bangkok) – Ken could compete with Yuki or Reza for "the easiest SASO target in Hitman 1" award as well. However, accessing Jordan's bedroom is a pain, and can cause severe nerve damage. There's also this method with cake topper and killing Jordan after the disappointment is fulfilled (yikes), but it isn't really easier.
  25. Freedom Fighters (Colorado) – 4 targets, whole map is hostile, lots of guards, not-so-bad amount of opportunities, but that only applies to Sean and Maya. Have fun.

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