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My Hitman 3, Level and Target Ideas + Story

Hitman5 - My Hitman 3, Level and Target Ideas + Story

This is my first post in this subreddit so tell me if I've done anything wrong please 🙂

HITMAN 3: 6 Missions + 3 Sniper Maps and 2 DLC Sandbox Maps


(I do not include a tutorial mission as I assume Hitman 3 will be a massive add-on DLC to the current Hitman 2 launcher)

Mission #01: Bankrupt Mission Location: Dubai, Saudi Arabia Targets: Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali Mohammed Aaryan al-Badr Allamah Aalim El-Sayed Mission Premise: After your successful mission at Haven Island, we can finally attack the partners. Now the partners control the world in two primary ways. First by keeping a stranglehold on the world's oil supply via Saudi Arabia and second by keeping political turmoil common with the nuclear threat of Khandanyang. We will eliminate one of these issues here. Kill the the three Providence operatives in the Saudi Arabian leadership to destroy the Providence stranglehold on the world's oil supply.

In Dubai, Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali is conducting a massive sell to improve the global economy after the Shadow Militias repeated attacks on influential corporate and political leaders. Meanwhile the population of Saudi Arabia is not happy and has split into two factions. One believing it to be a sellout and an insult to Allah. While on the other camp, they believe it to be a power play on the part of Saudi Arabia and cheer it on. Providence operative Mohammed Aaryan al-Badr is the leader of global terrorist group Crystal Dawn and is seen as a figure to people in the 'fight against the west'. He is helping to calm the masses that support the sell by claiming it to be a power show to scare the west. On the other hand, the more conservative members believe it to be a defilement of 'Allah's resources'. Providence operative Allamah Aalim El-Sayed is an influential Islamic religious figure , however he is corrupt and uses the devotion of his loyal masses to sway things the way of Providence. He is helping to calm the religious camp. All three must be killed to ensure maximum turmoil so that Saudi Arabia loses its grip.

Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali can be found in the Saudi Arabian Hall of Parliament, brokering the sell. Mohammed Aaryan al-Badr can be found either in the surrounding areas talking to the masses and encouraging radicals or at Crystal Dawn's HQ which functions as a military compound. Lastly Allamah Aalim El-Sayed can be found in the Hammoud Mosque calming the religious protesters. Eliminate the three Saudi Arabian leaders and make sure that the world's energy supply doesn't stay in the wrong hands. Good luck 47.

Mission #02- Mutually Assured Destruction Mission Location: Ryongkai, Khandanyang
Targets: Sun Po Jin Po Tren Po Additional Objective: Destroy the Jeong-Kik Mk.VII

Mission Premise: Now for the second method of Providence control, we must eliminate the global threat of Khandanyang and time is of the essence. After the hit in Saudi Arabia, Providence lost a substantial amount of disposable income. They plan to stage a nuclear war to destroy the world so they may rise from the ashes and with the help of the Ark Society, this may be possible.

Today in the capital of Khandanyang, Ryongkai, it is Tren Po's coronation as the new 'Emperor' of Khandanyang. Tren Po is hard at work preparing and is also personally overseeing the activities. Meanwhile Jin Po is talking to state leaders who have arrived and brokering deals that he knows will never come to pass if Providence is successful. Finally Sun Po, the figurehead of Khandanyang is talking to the citizens and ensuring morale is high on this day. Meanwhile the Nuclear Launch Facility prepares itself in the background. Tren Po plans that his first act after his coronation is to start the nuclear war. This cannot be allowed to take place.


Jin Po can be found in the Imperial Palace of Khandanyang, talking to state leaders. Meanwhile Tren Po can be found in the Divine Temple of Po preparing for his coronation. Sun Po can either be found around the city grounds talking to citizens and tourists alike or running the states black-ops activities at the Imperial Fortress of Order. Finally the Ryongkai Nuclear Launch Facility carries the Jeong-Kik Mk.VII which is a devastating weapon which would incite a nuclear apocalypse. Eliminate the three Khandanyang leaders and sabotage the weapon, Good luck 47 it's up to you to save the world.

Mission #03- Power Outage Mission Location: Washington DC, United States of America Targets: Carl Ingram Godfrey Hagen Tim Quinn Mission Premise: After we avoided the potential disaster at Khandanyang Providence has become substantially weak. They plan to regain control of the world by threatening to force energy prices through the roof thus creating a global recession.

Today in Washington DC, the Ingram Industries Energy Expo hosted at QuantumLeap HQ is in full swing. Carl Ingram has gone through extensive facial reconstruction surgery and taken the identity of James Andersson, the new major stockholder in Ingram Industries. However there is a pseudo-environmentalist protest occuring outside the Expo instigated by Hamsun Oil, claiming to be the more ethical producer. CEO Godfrey Hagen is personally overseeing the protest. Finally renewable energy and future tech company QuantumLeap is researching alternative energy sources and renewable energy at the underground laboratory below the Expo which is lead by CEO Tim Quinn. Providence plans to use the protests to drive up oil,natural gas and coal prices by dividing the public between Hamsun Oil and Ingram Industries based on ethical concerns. Meanwhile they plan to stage a storming of the Expo by protesters which would cause unavoidable damage to the QuantumLeap research facility below ground. This would result in both major energy companies taking a huge hit driving conventional energy prices through the roof. Furthermore with QuantumLeap's research seemingly 'destroyed' it would takes years of re- investment and additional research on behalf of other institutions to make alternative energy an affordable option. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Providence Partner and CEO Carl Ingram can be found in the Ingram Industries Energy Expo itself , while CEO Godfrey Hagen can be found instigating the protesters outside the expo or in the flying fortress that is the Hamsun Oil Mobile Autonomous Control Centre(HOMACC) commanding the leaders of the protest. CEO Tim Quinn can be found below ground in the QuantumLeap research facility. Eliminate the Providence Partner and his two closest allies, and stop the global recession. Good luck 47.

Mission #04: Privacy Please Mission Location: Berlin, Germany Targets: Marcus Stuyvesant Lee Xia Ming Jonathan Prince Mission Premise: After the failure of the energy plan. Providence plans to directly blackmail the world in a last ditch attempt to save Providence. Using private data collected from the world's biggest tech companies they are planning the biggest privacy breach of all time should the world not comply.

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