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My Hitman 3 wishlist.

Hitman5 - My Hitman 3 wishlist.

Just wanted to share things I hope they've added already or will add to the next game. My b if any of this is actually in the games already as I have some levels I haven't played yet(sgail and DLC levels). I'll try to keep each of my 12 listees short to avoid tl:drs.

  1. Randomizer Difficulty Mode: Basically I'd love to see the escalation "modifiers" added to the main levels and change every time you play a map. Maybe on 1 run you have a stalker following you, objects swapped around and you have to kill your targets without 30 seconds of each other. Another run you have none of that and instead have to use a certain outfit.

  2. Better Unlockable Items: Sick of the "MK II" items and the numerous explosives that pretty much all do the same thing and look the same. How about a sniper that looks like a squirt gun so you can carry it around in front of NPCs? Or a smoke bomb that lingers for a bit and worsens NPCs vision?

  3. Non Stealthy Rewards: Idk about ya'll, but I almost never use things like unsilenced weaponry or frag grenades. It just hurts your score. hope they give more incentive to going berserk and having big shootouts.

  4. Buff Sedatives: I can't remember the last time I ever felt like these were worth using. Using things like emetics or blunt weapons is just so much better and I think they need to find a way to improve them.

  5. Drones: An emetic bullet shooting Drone? An detonating Drone? A portable camera drone? All sound good to me and would love to use something like that.

  6. Pickpocketing/Reverse Pickpocket: It'd be cool to place a micro explosive in an NPCs pocket or be able to snatch things like keys or small firearms off others.

  7. Audio Recording Device: Can record what NPCs say and be used as an distraction or even to cause NPCs to confront others or do certain things depending on what they hear.

  8. Crafting: It'd be nice giving blunt objects even more utility. Like turning a soda can into a makeshift limited usage silencer for pistols.

  9. A hook gun: Expands climbing and for some awesome ways to take someone out.

  10. Marathon Mode. Start from the beginning of the game/a level with no items at all and as you complete each level, the items you have transfer over to the next level that you start immediately until you lose.

  11. Suits with actual functions: I'd love for certain outfits to have ability with them, like having a Dino Bosco armored suit or dancing in place as a mascot immediately attracting a crowd around you.

  12. Map Ideas: Amusement Park, Boot Camp, Redwoods, a Carnival, a Circus, a Mall and I know the devs have commented on this, but I still think a prison can be done right with their A.I.

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