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My idea for a map. ( I know they aren’t making more). South Africa,Kruger National Park.

Hitman3 - My idea for a map. ( I know they aren't making more). South Africa,Kruger National Park.

This is mi map idea for hitman. This is going to be long so put tour reading glasses on.

Mission briefing:

Good morning 47. We have finally got eyes on Jason Portman who mysteriously vanished when I was taking out providence. Jason Portman is on his honeymoon in South Africa with his new wife, Isabella Portman. He is staying at the luxurious Kruger hotel in the famous Kruger National Park.Jason Portman was a former Providence member recruited in 2014.He took care of all the transportation of goods for Providence.Jason Portman was a prime asset for Providence and still has a lot of power. Coincidentally, Amos Dexter,former Providence member is also here. Amos Dexter was the key decision maker for Providence back in the day. He was hunted down by Providence for betraying them a few years ago and now I assume wants to meet his old friend Mr Portman.We cannot allow them to recreate Providence 47. They need to be stopped. I will leave you to prepare.

Staring location briefing thingy:

Welcome to South Acrica 47. The blazing savannah stretches for miles here in the Kruger National Park. The animals roam freely nearby the Kruger Hotel. You will find Jason Portman with his bodyguards in the hotel and its recreational facilies.Your second target, Amos Dexter will be in the hotel's nearby Archaeology,Animals and History museum.He is a VIP guest of this museum so he has extra security and can access the whole building. Good luck 47. HAPPY HUNTING.

What the mission will look like and things. THE MAP:

It will be a fairly big map but the targets won't be miles away from each other. The main lobby will be the center of the hotel. The rooms of the hotels are traditional huts which are big and have a very nice modern traditional interior. One of these huts will belong to Jason Portman and his wife. The museum will be close by the hotel. Their will be an outdoor restaurant,pool area, games area , security hut, staff facilities, The tour room and other hotel facilities. The hotel will have guests by most of these areas. The museum will have 3 stories. The first two floors will be the museum where guests can enter most regions. There will be a staff room on the second floor. The third floor will have The museum owners office where Amos Dexter is currently staying. There will be many dinosaur bones and artifacts here. Outside the fence enclosing both of these buildings will be the wold aka the tour area. There are few roads here, animals, savannah trees and a lake which are accessible.It will be very sunny. There will also be lots of shrubbery. The targets will, be able to go to all of these areas , mostly by you activating this or causing it.

Mission Stories And Awesome Kill Opportunities:

Jason Portman:

  1. Tour the Savannah- similar to Mendoza's tour. The hotel has offered two tickets for the tour for the newly wed husband and wife Jason Portman.

Get a hotel staff outfit.

Find the tickets.

Deliver the tickets to Jasons room.

Become the Tour guide or a bodyguard of Jason.

Present multiple places to the Portmans.(Each place will have a unique kill opportunity)

Examples of awesome kill opportunities.

While touring Jason spots a sleeping lion. He wants to take a closer look. Wake up the lion somehow and disaster could strike.

Lake with crocodiles. Simple. Push him in and see the results.


Tire the wife. She will, eventually go back to the hotel with the bodyguards. Alone time with Mr Portman.

Shoot a tree branch so it falls on his head.

A hollow tree with thousands of tiny termites in it.Would be a shame if someone fell right into the middle of this tree.im not sure about this one.

This one is good but not that realistic. Giraffe rides are available during the tour. Scare the giraffes while Jason is on it and it will run into the wild with no hope that Jason will ever return as he has no food. And if he falls of the giraffe he dies.

2.Jason has a unique food request. Time to go hunting.

Obtain a hunters disguise. Hunt down a leopard. Prepare the meal, with a ,little extra something.

3.Jason Portman has setup a surprise party for his wife which includes many opportunities.

4.This one is funny.All can be done in the suit. 47 pretends to be Helmut Kruger. Threaten Jason so much that he can commit suicide or have a sit down with him in a private area.

There's more for him but will appear later.

Amos Dexter:

1.The fake meeting.

As 47 looks like Portman (Helmut) he schedules a fake meeting with Amos Dexter in the top floor of the museum.

Unique kills:Here there is a classic bone to the eye,Push through glass wall over looking the museum.Drop dinosaur Bone recreation on him.

2.The Signature Dinosaur show. A new spinosaurus dinosaur recreation of its skeleton arrived today. Start the show and Amos Dexter will observe this.

Unique kills. Push over ledge falls onto a sharp bone which penetares through his body. A few others which I can think of but idk if they make sense so I won't mention them here.

3.Robotic T-rex.

Currently broken. Needs repairing. While Amos is observing it push him into the mouth and deactivate the safety panel. This robotic dinosaur will chew him to his death.

Just some kills here. (Couldn't think of more mission stories) while touring Amos Dexter can be murdered by lots of ancient artifacts and traps.

Double kills:

By triggering a signal both targets will meet by the lake. Here you can sabotage their boat which will then sink. And they will get engulfed. I could not think of other places, maybe in the museum under the dinosaur skeleton.

Proxy kills:

  1. By planting evidence against Portman (idk what) Amos will invite Portman to a secret room in his office. This room contains stolen artifacts from other museums. Dexter will slice his head off with a sword and if you are there hiding, eliminate Dexter one time as well.

There will be secret kills but you can create your own in your mind.

Exits: Tour buggy,Portman's limo,secret lion exit,and some others.

Starting Locations: Museum Staff,Hotel Staff,Tour Guide,Bodyguard,47's Room.

Disguises: About 12- 15 unique and cool disguises.


A South African map in the Kruger National Park will be amazing with lots of kill opportunities.

Your opinions:

Comment your opinions so I can see what you think or any changes you would make.

I hope ioi adds this lol

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