Hitman 2

My idea for an Elusive Target

Hitman4 - My idea for an Elusive Target

Elusive Target: The Heir Location Isle of Sgail

Good Morning 47. Your target is Edward Digby, Only child of English Billionaire, Oil Baron and Providence Member Charles Digby. He is meeting with Jebidah Block on his Fathers behalf to secure the rights to a new oil field discovered in the Indian Ocean. They will meet by the old oak tree to discuss terms. However it may be useful to know that Digby lived in the Amazon Rainforest for 4 years and has developed an immunity to all types of poison removing many ways of elimination. He was in an accident in the forest leading to him becoming permanently deaf so he will not be easy to to distract. Our client a clean energy CEO who wants to destroy the Digby empire also wants you to retrieve A Data Disk which Digby keeps him at all times in a Suitcase Handcuffed to him with the key somewhere in the island. Eliminate Edward Digby and steal the Data disk. I shall leave you to prepare.

The Disk is in a Aluminium briefcase(minus travel stickers)hand cuffed to The target. It cant be taken out and the only way to take the case is with a key to remove it from Digbys Dead or Unconscious body. The key is located on a desk next to a guard in the waiting room for the showroom and can only be picked up if you are disqused as Jebidah Block or any Guard. A clue to its location can be found in the targets phone and its location being talked about by some staff. If the targets is dumped off a cliff then the mission fails but if he is hidden dead in a box the case and cuffs hang out.


Changes to map: some of the harbour boats are gone and a luxury yacht is parked in the middle. It is guarded by Bodyguards who only let others Bodyguards on. The room outside the showroom has a bodyguard with the key. The old oak tree are has a table with a candle and two plates of food on it and a few Elite guards are there. Jebidah Block is in the Architects Lounge and Can be poisoned to get his robes so you can privately meet the target by the tree.

Route: Digny starts over looking the Burning effegy and moves through the Showroom into the Castke and walks around their under chandeliers and stops to talk to Jason Portman via sign language and an interpreter who is on the Balcony overlooking the Stone circle. He will then go down the stairs to the circle to pay his respects to Janus (another opportunity) and will then go down the stairs and move back Past the stage and restart the route

The Alluminium Briefcase is Unlocked for completion.

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