Hitman 2

My idea for weapon customisation in H3

Hitman2 - My idea for weapon customisation in H3

Alright, so recently I was thinking of how cluttered the inventory is in H2 and so I thought of possible solutions for this. Now I know that IO wouldn't implement this or that the idea in general won't go anywhere in terms of actually happening but here it is:

My idea is weapon customisation to help declutter the inventory, make certain weapons more/less useful and just for general cosmetic purposes. Now I know instantly while writing this people are already thinking this sounds shit and weapon customisation takes away the whole point of the mastery unlocks but hear me out.

Alot of weapons are really just variants of existing weapons but just with a different attachment or skin, so to get around this I realised you could just unlock an attachment instead of a whole new weapon, for example take the ICA 19 f/a.

The standard version comes with an extended clip whereas the suppressed version just adds a silencer on, there's two weapons there now also baring in mind that its basically looks exactly the same as the standard ICA 19. Now that's 3 different items in the inventory, What if you just had a standard ICA 19 and you could put an extended clip, silencer and a fully automatic firing system on that one weapon, then it functionally becomes 3 different items which you can mix and match at your own will. The same goes for the smgs you get. Now they are all the same except for some silenced versions that just have a new skin attached. So for the 4 different smgs there are you could easily merge into one by just adding selectable skins you want. I understand that some guns have different stats completely like the sniper rifles aren't just reskinned but have different stats like subsonic, versatile scope and that sort of thing, now there slightly different.


In my opinion this skin/attachment system sounds like it'd work perfectly even for some of the explosives if you wanted. The proximity demo black and remote controlled demo black work the same so you'd merge them into one and have the option for its function, remote or proximity. This would work on the ducks as well. The yellow, red and white ducks as separate items with customisable functions if you wanted to bring all 3 into a mission with you. They could merge the white ducks so you just pick a skin you want to use.

Melee weapons could be just 4 or 5 options because alot of them function the same with the same animations.

I want to know in general what people think of this idea of mine so what do you think?

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