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My Ideas for future locations

Hitman4 - My Ideas for future locations

So I have been seeing countless (three or four) posts about what people want to see for future maps. using some of those for a basis, here are my ideas for possible locations. Please share what your ideas are, it would be interesting to know what you guys think would be cool.

– Skyscrapers. In a skyscraper map, you would have a set of four skyscrapers. all security would be routed to a singular location, in one of the skyscrapers. to disable surveillance, you cut the wires from the cameras in an underground maintenance area. cutting the wires would trigger a hidden timer, at the end of which the security would catch on to the fact that you cut them. there would be a way to make a loop on the cameras to make the timer last longer. the more towers you cut the faster the timer goes. the only other way to actually wipe the security cameras would be to go through the off limits security skyscraper, where all the guards know their coworkers (enforcers for guard disguise), preventing a disguise infiltration. two or more targets, based in two of the towers, and the fourth tower would be either an office building, or an under construction building, that would be a perfect location for sniping from.

– Airport. Both you and the target are here to catch a plane. the target arrived a few minutes ago, and is already through security. the opening would deposit you in a line up to verify your ticket. you proceed through (or around) security, and reach the area your target is in. the target mills about the area for X amount of minutes, meeting up with people, before finally going to their plane. when they reach their plane, you have 5 minutes to board, kill them, and get off if you have not killed them yet. the singular escape route is through a commercial airliner (Which you picked up the tickets for), and has a second security before you get on board. if the target is found, your plane is either delayed and searched, or your flight is cancelled, any you get a different ending (Where Diana and/or Grey are mad, since you now have to book another flight, delaying your next mission).

– Cruise Ship. Target is wealth business man throwing party. a large multitude of activities and disguises are available. party is a cover up for a shady deal that happens X minutes in the cargo hold. a secondary target is to steal the item that is switching hands. once the deal is made, the item enters a much higher security, preventing you from picking it up without an extremely large amount of effort. not entirely a timer like the airport idea, but like the skyscraper idea, its really hard if a timer times out.


– An Undersea Lab. The level is based around two domes, with three tunnels in between them. two tunnels can be collapsed to cause chaos, and limit potential NPC pathing routes. guns and explosives cannot be smuggled in, and the only way to collapse aforementioned tunnels would be to somehow detonate barrels that get brought through them. This level would be hard to use due to the current issues with AI pathing, so I'm not going to go into too much more detail on how the target would be, what escapes could be, or where major locations would be.

– An Antarctic Lab. This may seem similar to the other, and could have some of the same problems. An antarctic lab would be a location, where the target is a researcher looking into something they shouldn't be. the mission would be go in, kill target, wipe files, and destroy/hide the thing they were researching. there would be a set of locations scattered around a compound, and to go between locations, you would have to wear specific 'Warm suits' again, AI pathing may be an issue because they don't know how to differentiate where they can and cannot go.

– A location off of earth. A moon hab, a space station with artificial (Centrifugal) gravity, a mars hab, there are many options here. however for the same reasons EXACTLY as the Undersea lab they cant really work. you depressurize a section with a gun (Or explosive), and unless you can head outside there is no way to continue. but allowing the player outside would allow the NPCs outside, and the AI pathing is not the best at keeping NPCs out of areas they aren't allowed in. they would all march outside and die if something bad happened. Limiting the sections that could depressurize in any level like this would result in a loss of immersion. not allowing you to have guns or explosions at all (Not even ones in the level) would remove a lot of potential ways to assassinate your target, really limiting the game in ways that i personally wouldnt like. until pathing is fixed, this is just a dream.

These are some of the locations i would be interested in. I've seen many more ideas, some that would or wouldn't work, and was wondering what your ideas were, what they would look like, and if they would or wouldn't work

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