Hitman 2

My ideas for Halloween themed missions in already made maps!

Hitman4 - My ideas for Halloween themed missions in already made maps!


Title: Night at the Museum.

Setting: This would be a creepy and empty museum mission, where 47 trespasses in on a cold, rainy night.

The target is a professional thief, who's disguising himself as different statues and such, while the museum is undergoing renovations. This would play out like the Paris Christmas mission, but in a darker setting and creepier. The target can be anywhere, but will eventually make his way to the Pavilion, to give it to the client he stole it for. You can use this as an opportunity to kill him, but his client *isn't* a target whatsoever.


Title: Cocaine Blues

Setting: At night, using the entire map.

The now deserted Militia camp is to be raided by the FBI, as it has turned into a drug manufacturing plant. Your target is the leader of the gang, who'll brutally torture your second "target", the informant, who you must save. He'll be locked up in the basement. In 7 minutes the FBI raid and kill any guard in their path, racking up "non-target killed" points, so you'll have to act quickly. Also, the FBI will arrest and take the target away, costing you the mission. You can escort the informant towards a cop, or bring them to an exit.


Title: Traditional Commerce

Setting: The Himmapan Hotel at night, with a power outage in most of the city.

Your targets are a corrupt businessman using Ken Morgan's penthouse, as well as the assassin hired to kill him. Hints are thrown in the level that the businessman hired the assassin on himself, due to his life falling apart due to him being caught. His assassin is wanted by Thai officials, and due to his rumored presence at the Hotel and added security because of this, he's lying low and can be discovered through mannerisms and features, such as being a drinker, middle-aged, and other features. The assassin will use only disguises available, and not knock out anybody. You can discover who the target is disguised as by hacking Mrs. Mookjai's computer or investigating through the Security room. You can manipulate the power in the Hotel, by turning off certain areas to over charge and blow up a single room, and have it placed as an accident due to the power outages.

Whittleton Creek:


Title: Trick or Threat

Setting: Huh, a Halloween themed mission in a small town? Most likely on a happy sunny day. It'll be a foggy night.

Your targets are a man giving out Treats filled with poison. You must discover which homeowner is committing such a grave act and kill them, as well as steal the deadly, poisonous candy.Notice that I said *targets*. Your second target is Charles Blake III, who's attempting to ban Halloween in Whittleton Creek. He's also a target for having Richard Wilson publicly executed for not voting for him, as his last words were "All the media says is CEO's assassinated, Gangsters and Terrorists killed, I just wanna grill for God's sake!".

Isle of Sgail:

Title: Renovation Revelation

Setting: The entire castle is to be used, and is used as the new mansion of your target, a wealthy pedophile and human trafficker.

He intends on converting the Island into a massive Pedo-Paradise, and is renovating it into such. The place has been turned into a massive mansion, and is being converted into a resort-esque place. He will be touring the entire mansion, as he's just moved in. You can find many ways to find this repulsive and evil man, in all very violent ways.

New York:

Title: Recession Proof

Setting: The bank, including its outside.

Following Director Savalas' death, a new director was hired. One with connection to the 2008 recession, resulting in the suicides of thousands. The client, who works at the Milton-Fitzpatrick, discovered this, and was fired for bringing it up. You must retrieve the evidence of his crimes, and kill the new director as well as Fabian Mann for his work as well. Work in the Milton-Fitzpatrick will be totally normal, and you can trigger an Easter Egg by exposing the bank's crimes, causing all Investment Bankers and the targets to leap out of the windows of the bank, like myths of it happening during the Great Depression.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, and yes, I used a lot of inspiration from Hitman: Contracts.

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