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My Opinion on Hitman 2 and what improvements I would like to see in the franchise going further.

Hitman1 - My Opinion on Hitman 2 and what improvements I would like to see in the franchise going further.

I came after this sub and decided to post my opinion on the game and see if people agree with me or not because I figured If people agree then that's great, maybe IOi can listen to the Improvements I suggest if they garnered enough feedback from the community. If not, then I guess I didn't really lose anything.

First, I will start by saying that Hitman 2 by far has the best gameplay in the series, best graphics obviously, and best voice acting. I also like the gunplay the best because to me gunplay has always felt out of place in the older games but here, it's actually good.

Mission Stories are a godsend since before that I went about restarting the missions to explore every nook and cranny for a bit of information.

Disguise is balanced now, not useless like Absolution and not overpowered like Blood money.

I've to say, as a fan since Codename 47, this franchise has come a long way, IOi never forgot their roots and they have true passion for what they are doing so I would like to thank them for keeping this franchise alive all these years.

Now, I am going to speak about the things I would like to see improved, people may and will disagree with me, that's fine. Now unto them:


– The 6 maps: I would like to see more maps than 6 and instead of making them as huge as they are, Imo it would be better with 12 unique small scale focused maps.

– The Agent "0047" character they are going for: 47 is a Hitman not a spy, I don't like that they are going for a "heroic" tone with the soundtrack and script, I would prefer if they went back to the original tone of him being a remorseless cold killer and the soundtrack reflecting that. I liked 47's unique character and monotonic voice acting, hearing him with different tones is off putting to me.

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– More creative ways to kill the targets: you can only use poison and drop things so much. I think the game needs more creative kills for its targets.

– More memorable targets: most of the targets in this game are pretty much one dimensional villains.

– A Difficulty between Professional and Master: I feel like the jump between Professional and Master is too big of a leap.

– Finally, the most important one: Climbing ladders with the Briefcase.

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