Hitman 2

My Unfortunate Experience with MrFreeze2244

Hitman4 - My Unfortunate Experience with MrFreeze2244

I’m sure if you’re seeing this post, chances are that you have or will see a post that is eerily similar to this one.

I am a 16 year old girl who had an unfavorable experience with the youtuber, MrFreeze2244, when I was 15 years old. The messages were exchanged on Snapchat. If you are new to the app or don’t know what it is, it’s a messaging app that deletes the messages immediately after you’ve closed the chat.

If you were following him seven months ago, you will have known that he’d posted his Snapchat on his community page on YouTube to invite his fans to add him. I added him to see if he’d post updates on his personal life and his situations. As a fan at the time, I was excited to hear of any progress he would make in his own life. Even now, I am still happy to hear when someone overcomes any obstacles they may face in life. However, despite all of that, it does not excuse what he did to members and previous members of his community.

Having added him, I did not plan on messaging him. He messaged me first. My avatar as well as my name are clearly feminine. I kept it simple and polite. Beginning with saying that I was surprised he messaged me. He gave me the response that he messaged anyone who had an interesting avatar. I accepted this and attempted to end the conversation by saying that I liked his content and to wish him luck with improving himself.

I never intended to have a conversation with him, but he continued to push for one by responding to everything I said. Not wanting to be rude, I let it happen; however, I maintained a barrier of being a viewer and him a content creator. He began to press that I shouldn’t treat him as anything special just because he was a content creator. But being a viewer of his and despite him saying that I shouldn’t treat him differently, I continued with not wanting to see him as anything other than a Youtuber.


He began to tease me for the amount of times I was saying “bruh” in response to him. (To be fair, he was saying things I literally couldn’t think of any better response to) He sent me a voice memo of him saying “bruh”. I thought it was funny as I’m sure anyone would. Then he pressured me into sending one back. This was the moment that the fact that I was a girl was confirmed. And with his confirmation, he continued.

This is where he started trying to guilt me. He told me that he was scared that I would leave and never talk to him again. I told him I wouldn’t, but even then it continued to be a topic he would bring up over and over in the conversation.

He then asked me what I do in my free time. As any other Hitman fan would probably say, I said that I played Hitman. Then he switched the conversation, asking if I watched porn. He continued by asking what I looked like, trying to pressure me into sending him a photo. I was ready to end the conversation there, and I told him I had to go. He ended it with saying, “send me a photo of yourself tomorrow”. I didn’t respond after all the things that had happened in that conversation, and I’m not going to ever look back on it or regret it.

As you may know, I am not the only victim. That is far from the case. Freeze is taking advantage of his fans as well as being rude and flat out insulting. In the last 48 hours, Freeze had even muted and told his fans in his Discord server to “Stfu” over disagreements over a harmless poll about what the best map in Hitman was. And not to mention how rude he is to viewers of his content in general. No matter the context, a content creator with the following he has managed to amass should not be calling anyone d*cks, tw*ts, c*nts, or any other word he has decided to pick from his vocabulary to describe his fans.

I’m not afraid to speak out about this, however I’m not going to hide the fact that I am using a throwaway account. If it takes away from my validity at all, my reason for doing so is for my own protection.

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