Hitman 2

My warlord story

Hitman2 - My warlord story

This one was hell. Target went down without a fight. The hard part was the flash drive. I shot the enforcer to hotel security with a sieker, and tried to get the two military men out of the way. I only got one distracted, and another security guard who is in standard club 27 sees the weapon I laid out for military guy 2. I now try dropping my briefcase, and just as he picks it up, the enforcer starts marching his ass back inside. I dash to the locker and hide away while I decide my next move. I'm not willing to test my luck with anyone catching me firing the sieker so I try the original ruse once again, and more is on the line since I only have a bartoli pistol and a briefcase. The enforcer sees me, and in my panic I took all my blunt items and threw them around.

I realize my mistake halfway through, and I decide to disconnect. I ask my brother (who is the only one on wifi at this moment other than myself) if I can reset the router. He doesnt mind. I go to the router, unplug it, and for some reason i still have a connection on all of my devices! My xbox did not disconnect! I try one more time. Still no luck.

I just decide to go through a shootout. This is made worse by me sacrificing my silverballer as part of my ruse, so no way to end this fight silently. I end up having to take a bartoli hand gun and fusil rifle to shoot out all the guards and quickly snap the necks of the now unconscious original guards. I quickly change from hotel security to military disguise just as a new hotel security guys runs in, i quickly shoot him and i run to the locker and tuck myself in before 3 other guards shows up. They for some reason start shooting at nothing, I am safe in the closet. I am waiting for a chance to escape.


I still dont have my flash drive, the guards are shooting at nothing still. I decide to go upstairs, drink a Gatorade, and return back to my xbox. They stop shooting, but have their guns trained at each other. Since the screen is now showing compromised I leave the closet and throw my breaching charge at the safe. It falls to the floor, but I detonate it anyhow. It doesnt work, so i quickly use some other soda cans to quickly knock out and then kill all 3 guards with a neck snap. I open the safe with the key, grab the flash drive and start heading out fast.

Fumigation is shamefully still ongoing, and I try to cut my way over to my old hotel staff disguise note that for the first part of this run I was copying freeze first method with a modified loadout. I run out before I am caught trespassing. I try dashing to my room to get my suit, but turn around when I see guards are on patrol around there. From here I decide to just run to the boat exit, and after a detour to avoid two military guys at the main entrance, i make it to the boat. I unlock my Bangkok suit.

Well that's my awful run. I made it out alive, and now I just need to complete the whittleton et and claim that suit. And grind out 59 more ghost mode kills for my phantom suit.

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