Hitman 2

Never played Hitman before…

Hitman3 - Never played Hitman before...

… and I love this game. Happened across a few YouTube reviews and was interested. Read a few articles on how to start out as a beginner and decided to jump in in. I bought Hitman 2 and the legacy pack. I can’t believe how great this game is. It’s like chess!

After reading a few articles on how the real game is replaying the levels I’ve been playing it for a week nonstop and have only been through two levels and can’t believe how deep it is. I turned on the mission stories to minimal and it’s been great discovering everything. It’s so f’ing weird that if I was the average gamer I could probably blow though the entire game in 6 hours but by just digging a little I can easily spend twice as much time on each level.


It’s so awesome when all the pieces fall in place and I pull off the perfect accidental death for silent assassin and equally amazing when everything falls apart and I’m flying by the seat of my pants to still finish the mission.

How have I missed this series for so long?

I’ve also watched a few suit only/ silent assassin and speed run videos and it blows my mind what the community can come up with.

Love this game! Let me know any crazy tips or ways to think about things. I sometimes think I’ve gone deep in a short period of time but then I watch a vid of a location accomplished in less than a minute as silent assassin and I realize how much there is to learn!

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