Hitman 2

New mission idea (i know there won’t be any DLCs)

Hitman5 - New mission idea (i know there won't be any DLCs)

A tempting meeting (Dubai, Burj Omar)

First, I am sorry for potential grammar or spelling mistakes! I am not a native speaker and still in school learning English so there might be some mistakes. Also I know that there won't be any DLCs or some new missions in Hitman 3 but I still wanted to share my idea. The mission would take place in the Burj Omar which would be also called "The Crown" The location is inspired by the Burj al Arab, a super luxus Hotel. There would be a spa, fitness rooms, a restaurant and many outher features.

The building next to the sceptre is the crown.

A tempting meeting: (briefing)
Good evening 47,
Tonight Byron Washington III, the father of Sophia and Zoe Washington, founder of the Pax Mundus Foundation is meeting the three best assassins worldwide at the Burj omar in Dubai. He has a very special contract for them. In fact he wants to assassinate you. He thinks his daughters very collateral damage to kidnap the constant and wants. He may be right, but we can’t afford being hunted. Its better if we deal with them now, instead of having big problems afterwards. The first assassin is personally invited by Sheikh Omar al-Ghazali, who also coordinated this meeting. His name is Zana Kazem, also known as the vulture. He is an assassin of the pan-african terror organization Cristal Dawn. Even though he has also worked for multiple wealthy criminals in the middle east. He is the top hitman for targets in Africa and the Middle East. His most prominent target is likely Sadam Kazou a most wanted terrorist who betrayed the al-Ghazali family. He is known for being a silent killer and an expert for poisoning. The second assassin who has been invited is Karan Dhar, also known as “The Kashmirian”. This Indian-American assassin is FBI most wanted because of he committed several murderers in Texas. After the death of the Maelstrom, who was his last client, he has settled himself to exil. Now he has accepted killing because he wants to buy himself a villa in Dehli. He has lost hundred thousands of dollars while traveling to Macau and gambling in the New Shamal Casino so he needs money to buy it. He is known for focusing on private contractors and being a superb marksman. The last one is the Mexican contract killer, la calabaza. The nameless assassin always hides himself under a pumpkin mask. He worked mostly for the Moreno Cartel, although sometimes Providence was the hidden hand behind his contracts. You will have to kill all three killers and Washington himself so we can concentrate on more important goals. When top assassins meet, someone with your reputation shouldn’t miss.
I will leave you to prepare
(Pre mission)
Good Evening 47,
You will enter the Burj Omar legally via elevator. Your targets are all in different spots while the meeting is scheduled for midnight at a reservated conference room. Washington is already checked in waiting in his apartment. The Kashmirian currently trainsin the fitness room. You can find Zana Kazem around the smoking area and the bar while "la calabaza" relaxes in the spa. They are all protected and its mid-summer so there are a lot of tourists around. That means you will have to act with precision and patience. Happy Hunting 47


1. At Zana Kazems spot at the bar there is a note laying. It says that they should be prepared for a shortterm rescheduling. You will have to break into Washingtons apartment and use his computer to reschedule the appointment (same as in "On top of the world"). Then you'll have the opportunity to kill all of the assassins with Washington not noticing.
2. If you disguise yourself as la calabaza after killing him you will be able to meet with Washington in person. He will offer you some extra money for look after the other two. (The assassin has worked with Providence formerly so is the most trusted one) (it's importants to know you will find the note for taking the opportunity at the spa entry)
3. The best fitness coach in the Burj Omar is currently drunk at the bar, forgetting that a vip client is waiting. You can poison his drink and subdue him in the bathroom. Then you can go into a personal vip fitness room and manipulate the weight station. The weights will crush him when he beginns to train.
4. You will be able to steal a note written by a mechanic. He warns everyone not to do anything with the main control system because the whirls are very sensitive. If you manipulate the control the whirls will pull la calabaza under water (You have to wait until the right moment)
5. If you disguise yourself as the Burj Omar head of security you will be able to show Washington secret files that prove Kazem has been working for the militia once. Because Washingtonis paranoid he will think Kazem is in Dubai to kill and then invite Kazem privately. After a short talk he will tell you to shoot him. The door is locked so Kazem has nowhere to escape. Washington will see you killing Kazem but your silent assasin rank won't be damaged. If you are fast afterwards you'll be able to directly kill Washington.


Explosive Meeting= kill everyone with a single explosive (reward=explosive Burj al-Ghazali snow globe)
Classic Assasin; Kill every target with the fibrewire while wearing a suit (reward=golden fibrewire)
Dubai damage ; knock every target with the Burj al-Ghazali model out (same model as in Carl Ingrams apartement in on top of the world, you will find the item in Washigtons apartment this time) (reward=Burj al-Ghazali model)

Let me know if you have some additional ideas for things that I should add or any mission I should crate. I would also be very pleased with some feedback and criticism. Feel free to add another opportunities or challenges.

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