Hitman 2

Newb’s Guide to Unlocking Santa Outfit

Hitman2 - Newb's Guide to Unlocking Santa Outfit

Hi everyone,

I just unlocked Santa in Hitman 2, and having never played Hitman 1/2 before, it was quite the undertaking! But luckily I was able to find a few resources that helped me through the challenge. In case anyone is in the same situation, I hope this guide helps you along:

  • First thing's first – how to access the challenge! The Santa outfit is unlocked when you complete the Secret Santa challenge, which is accessed through the Holiday Hoarders event for the Paris map. The game will likely prompt you to download the level as DLC, which is free through January 8, 2019.
  • No need to modify your gear.
  • If you're new you won't be able to start anywhere in the level except at the beginning, which is totally fine.
  • The outfit is unlocked after completing 4 missions, 3 of which can (and should) be completed in 1 run: Santa's Little Helper, Ho Ho Ho, and Oh Deer
    • Santa's Little Helper requires you to collect 12 items before Marv/Harry (yes, from Home Alone!) are able to.
      • This challenge is actually pretty easy but will require some practice and complete familiarity with where to go based on the first 5:38 of this video:
      • Speed is key for two reasons. First, you need to snag each item before Mar/Harry. Second, being quick will provide you with time to knock out Santa in the basement (see 6:00 in the video), which helps you complete the Ho Ho Ho challenge.
      • Also key are the costume changes – be sure to follow the exact order of the video and swap costumes as done in the video, or else you will be trespassing/suspicious.
      • The one part that took me a few tries was shooting the two bodyguards in the attic (see 2:50). I recommend taking out the guard on the right first with a headshot, and then double-tapping the guard on the left.
    • Ho Ho Ho requires you to take out Harry/Marv in an "accident" while disguised as Santa. Luckily, the next challenge "Oh Deer" goes hand in hand with this one, so we'll cover both here.
      • As soon as you finish Santa's Little Helper, continue down to the basement as seen in the video above. Hopefully you will encounter Santa in the dining hall area in the basement (see video for specific location). This is the one aspect that caused me to have to restart the mission the most – for some reason Santa would not be there, or I would just miss him. Apparently he transports between 12 different locations, but watch out – the online guides with his location appear to be from H1, and they've apparently switched his locations in H2. No matter how much I waited around the dining area in the basement, and no matter how many other Christmassy areas I went to, I could not snag Santa without alerting others. So the basement is the best bet (again at the exact location in the video). If he's not there, just restart the mission, collect all 12 items again (only takes 5 minutes), and check for Santa again – it will eventually work.
      • Once Santa is located, throw your axe at him and swap into his costume to ensure it does not disappear with his body. Then swap back into your bodyguard outfit.
      • You will notice Santa left behind some larger weapons. To avoid spooking Harry/Marv when they show up, toss the weapons into the back corner of the room. Also toss your larger weapons like the saber, etc.
      • Now head outside (see video) to gather the propane tanks and place them on the blanket on the ground (near where Santa was) – this is Harry/Marv's eventual meeting place.
      • Once you've placed the tanks, switch back into your Santa outfit, select your gun, holster it, crouch and then hide in the crate in the room (see video).
      • It's now a waiting game for Harry/Marv to appear – it will take them a few minutes to make their way down – usually one followed a couple minutes later by the other. Once they assemble near the blanket on the ground, give them a second to trigger the disappointed animation, then get out of the box (you should be crouched since you entered crouched and with your gun equipped but holstered – important or else you will spook them).
      • Remaining crouched, watch them from the end of the table (see video for location). Take out your gun, aim it a tank, and shoot it twice. Both should explode, killing both Harry and Marv in an "accident" while you are disguised as Santa.
      • You will have now completed 3 of the 4 challenges!
    • Bad 47 is pretty easy if you have the right technique. Watch the video above as reference. Here are my notes:
      • Overall goal here is to knock out Marv three times with three bricks.
      • Begin this challenge as if it were Santa's Little Helpers – meaning enter the basement, take the first outfit (see video). Once in this outfit, sneak into the security room to find the package with three bricks inside. Be quick and quiet, as you will be trespassing.
      • Once you have the bricks, it's important that you take out Marv in a secluded area to avoid suspicion when you attack him. But you will likely need to move his body to bring it to a more traveled area, so that someone can discovery him and wake him up. The dining area in the basement is the perfect location to knock him out, especially because Marv starts out in this area when the level begins.
      • Once you knock him out once, drag his body into the hallway and wait for someone to discover it. You can use your coins to help get the attention of a guard. Once a guard helps up Marv, shoot the guard in the head immediately and then brick Marv again. Repeat once more to finish the challenge.
    • Ending Notes
      • You can exit out of the level after having completed a challenge. You will not lose the completion even though you exited out before "finishing" the level.
      • Many thanks to /u/2odastream for his helpful post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/a7dvqb/holiday_hoarders_detailed_guide_psa/
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