Hitman 2

Noob plays Hitman: Blood Money for the first time and likes it

Hitman2 - Noob plays Hitman: Blood Money for the first time and likes it

So the other day I found a used copy of Hitman Blood Money and decided to buy it. I'm fairly new to the Hitman franchise. I bought Hitman 2 at the end of last year, and I loved it so much that I bought the Legacy pack to play all the missions from the first Hitman.

With how much I enjoyed the reboot games, I figured I would also enjoy the older games. And of course, I heard that Hitman Blood Money was the Apex Mountain of older Hitman games, so I figured it was worth a shot.

I got a little worried reading some other posts and comments on this sub saying that it was overrated and terribly dated/no longer fun.

However, I just spent about an hour-and-a-half playing through the tutorial mission and the first real mission, and I had a blast. Obviously, there are a lot of improvements made in the newer games, especially in regards to the controls, but a lot of what I love about Hitman is still in this game.

Despite the lack of enforcers, I actually found this game to be a lot more challenging than the newer games. That's probably in large part due to the fact that I heavily rely on Mission stories to kill my target. Playing blood money was like running around as a headless chicken. It gives you very few prompts on what to do, and you're mostly left on your own to figure it out.


However, this laissez-faire mentality that made the game more challenging also made it really fun. While I really like the style of gameplay in the new Hitman games, which really emphasize the different options in every level, and don't worry so much about punishing you for mistakes (IMO), this very harsh "seven saves and you're out" (on the medium difficulty, of course) gameplay, coupled with the lack of prompts, really created a tense experience that is really different from the current games.

It also highlighted just how bad I am at Hitman. I usually never get Silent Assassin on the newer games anyway, but the rating system in this game just really emphasizes how bad I am at it. At this point, I've been killing around 20 people per-mission, and I always somehow leave one witness. So I have a bit of progress to make on my skills before I'm very good.

Overall, I do think the newer games are probably better, but I can see why people love Blood Money so much. The style of the gameplay, coupled with darker visuals, and a fantastic soundtrack, really create a great experience even a decade after the game is released. Again, there are things that are terrible about the game, like the controls, but if you are a newer fan like me who has not bit the bullet on Blood Money, I would recommend giving it a shot.

I definitely do not regret my purchase.

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