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Nothing ground-breaking, but interesting: I found something funny about “A Bitter Pill” while trying to break it

Hitman2 - Nothing ground-breaking, but interesting: I found something funny about "A Bitter Pill" while trying to break it

This is hopefully interesting for the people who love finding out how games tick.

As we all know, the target in "A Bitter Pill" is Galen Vholes, and when you get to the front of his house, the cops out front begin a conversation between themselves, and after a minute or so, move onto the porch and wait for Galen to open the door for them.. So I thought I'd exploit the AI to see if I could "break" it, so to speak.

See, you could wait at the starting position forever, and the cops will never move from their spot, because the way the level is set up, you -need- to be close enough to them to trigger the conversation for them to move forward.. However, I started to wonder to myself "Is there a way to prevent them from entering the house?" and yes, there is.

I went immediately to my right, from the starting point, and took out the cop on the bench, hid him, and took his disguise.. Which is really odd, because (if I'm remembering correctly), the guards outside are enforcers but not the guards inside, for this one specific disguise on this one specific cop. It might've been a glitch, however, but it is interesting that, essentially, some cops that would otherwise be enforcers are fooled by that specific disguise, from a character that they'd normally never interact with (the cop on the other side of the map)

I then went to the backyard party next door, hopped the fence, ran in through the back door, quickly made my way up the stairs (I had to catch Galen while he was upstairs, otherwise I risked him going into his pre-made route of opening the door), took out Galen and his guards, then took them into another room, so their bodies would not be found.

Now that I had disrupted one part of the AI's pre-programmed routine, I went down to the front door (without opening it), and using instinct, I could see the cops had made their way to the front door (I guess me being in the house was still within their conversation-triggering range? Makes sense because they still come in even if you go through the basement), and the cops, lead by Sheriff Masterson (bringing him up specifically is important).


Sheriff Masterson attempted to go into his pre-programmed routine by going over to hit the doorbell.. But every five or so seconds that Galen (since he's, you know, fucking dead) didn't answer the door, Sheriff Masterson's AI had him keep hitting the door bell every few seconds.. Over and over. I guess his AI was confused? Someone more tech-literate might have to explain that.

Either way, I hid behind the door, would periodically open it (while in cover on the wall beside it) and would throw coins into the living room while the door was open. This would cause Sheriff Masterson to send one of his men in to investigate, then once they'd come in, I'd close the door and take them out.

Now where this gets pretty interesting is towards the end of the experiment: I threw another coin into the living room.. And Sheriff Masterson came in, I took him out, and then a few seconds later, the sole remaining police officer on the porch came in! This shows that the AI routines of the police officers with Sheriff Masterson are directly lead by his actions. The game sensed "Sheriff Masterson is in the house, that must mean Galen invited them all in!"

What we can gather from this, on a technical side, is that if Galen is taken out, or if Sheriff Masterson is somehow taken out (this is probably more for PC players, who can probably mod themselves as being undetectable to NPCs or some shit, I don't know), the entire routine of the mission is thrown off and stuck in limbo, with the cops outside (with Sheriff Masterson or not) being eternally stuck in their own hell: Being unable to move from someone's porch. Forever.. Unless they see something sparkly inside the house.

If y'all have any other interesting stories/notes about breaking the levels, please let me know! I look forward to (hopefully) being able to break more levels in Hitman, but no promises.

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