Hitman 2

Paris pitch meeting

Hitman3 - Paris pitch meeting

Designer: "I decided to set our Paris mission in a version of the real-life Palais du Luxembourg."

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Boss: "Oh wow, that place looks huge. I wouldn't even know how to fill that with stuff to do."

Designer: "Yeah, me neither."

Boss: "Wait, really?"

Designer: "Kind of. See that top floor? It looks over the courtyard, which is where I'm sticking the fashion show. But I've got nothing else happening on either side of that, and I don't know what to do with it."

Boss: "How about you fill it with stored art?"

Designer: "What."

Boss: "Yeah, how about you turn that entire massive area into attic storage, and fill it with pieces of art, piled up and covered in cobwebs?"

Designer: "That would take an immense amount of work, and would receive very little recognition."

Boss: "Yeah, do that. So, that's the top floor. And there must be a lot more going on already in the floor below that."

Designer: "Much less, actually. Here too, the coolest part is the section that looks down on the fashion show, but you can't really do anything there. And on all sides are spare rooms where you can't do anything at all. Some have NPCs, but most don't even have that."

Boss: "The ground floor must be absolutely packed then, if everything is down there."

Designer: "Comparatively, yeah. But we've still got whole wings of museum exhibits where nothing is going on, and don't get me started on the basement."

Boss: "What's wrong with the basement?"

Designer: "See, that's where I'm really stumped. I've got huge empty spaces, and I'm out of ideas."

Boss: "How about you add a kitchen? With chefs?"

Designer: "Well, we already have a sort of food storage place upstairs, but a full kitchen? That wouldn't really make sense. When there's no fashion show, this place is a museum, no one lives here, and there's no restaurant or anything. For food for this event, we've actually got a caterer delivering sushi."

Boss: "Put in a kitchen. With chefs."

Designer: "But I don't have any kind of plan for the chefs integrating into the rest of the level."

Boss: "This level is in France. I want French chefs."

Designer: "Fine. That still won't fill all the space, though."

Boss: "How about you make a room to store wine?"

Designer: "I already did that with much of the basement."

Boss: "Make the rest of the basement into other rooms that also store wine."

Designer: "Yeah, I guess we could do that. And as for the outside, I think it's okay if we leave most of that empty."

Boss: "'Most of that'? How much space is there outside?"

Designer: "Take a look:"


Boss: "That's enormous. This is going to be the biggest level we're going to make in this game!"

Designer: "And no one who plays it will realize that."

Boss: "What's going on over there?"

Designer: "I didn't even see where you pointed, but I'm going to assume the answer is 'nothing'."

Boss: "We've got to do something with all this space. How about you stick a few more exits, maybe along the east wall?"

Designer: "We already have one gate in the east wall. I don't really see the point in two more."

Boss: "Do you have any better ideas about how to use that giant strip of the map?"

Designer: "Uh, okay, we'll put three exits in the same wall."

Boss: "And what about this section here? Is that a gazebo?"

Designer: "Yeah, it's blocked off most of the time. But you can lure Viktor here for one scripted kill."

Boss: "Oh, let's talk more about the kills!"

Designer: "There's a barge with fireworks, and if you set them off, you can knock push one target, Dahlia, on top of Viktor, killing both."

Boss: "Very cool."

Designer: "And there's a lighting rig you can access from the top floor, which everyone says is rickety and can fall on the catwalk. Pry that loose, and boom, you kill Viktor."

Boss: "Do you think this'll ever get old? Disguising yourself and then tinkering with some device that has a clear fatal flaw so it blows up in the target's face?"

Designer: "Someday, maybe. But not yet. Next up, we've got this mission story to kill Viktor called 'Bare-Knuckle Boxer'."

Boss: "Sounds intriguing. Tell me about Bare-Knuckle Boxer."

Designer: "You poison Viktor's drink, called the Bare-Knuckle Boxer."

Boss: "And?"

Designer: "And then he dies!"

Boss: "That's … that's it?"

Designer: "Oh, it's a big deal. You complete one challenge by finding the drink recipe. Then a second challenge by mixing the drink. Then a third challenge by giving it to Viktor."

Boss: "This sounds like a basic assassination method that can kill most anyone, not really a mission story."

Designer: "Yeah, but this kind of works as a tutorial to tell you how poisoning works for the future."


Boss: "Okay, but I'm also making you design a separate multi-level tutorial, which teaches how to poison drinks."

Designer: "Oh no. This'll seem kind of lame after that."

Boss: "You've got other assassination challenges though, right?"

Designer: "Sure, sure. There's one for dropping a chandelier on Viktor."

Boss: "Seems like something you'll often be able to do to targets, not worthy of us highlighting it as a challenge."

Designer: "There's one for killing him in a gas explosion."

Boss: "Seems like something you'll often be able to do to targets, not worthy of us highlighting it as a challenge."

Designer: "There's one for drowning him."

Boss: "In the river?"

Designer: "That too, but there's also one for just drowning him, by pushing him into a toilet."

Boss: "Seems like something you'll always be able to do to targets, not worthy of us highlighting it as a challenge."

Designer: "Oh, but we really have something fun planned for Dahlia. You disguise yourself as a male model who looks exactly like 47 and happens to also be an assassin … "

Boss: "Is he an escaped clone?

Designer: "Uh, sure, let's go with that. And this gives you free private access to Dahlia. But first, you walk the runway, in French fashion clothing and wearing makeup!"

Boss: "Yeah, this sounds like a proper mission story all right, but I don't really get why, before getting to talk to Dahlia, you need to walk the runway."

Designer: "Because this way, you get to walk the runway."

Boss: "Will our audience of gamers, playing a murder simulator, seriously get a kick out of putting on makeup and walking the runway as a model?"

Designer: "You're goddam right they will."

Boss: "Okay, what other assassinations have you got for Dahlia?"

Designer: "You can push her onto Viktor during the fireworks."

Boss: "You mentioned that already."

Designer: "Oh, okay. You get a challenge for poisoning her."

Boss: "Seems like something you'll always be able to do to targets, not worthy of us highlighting it as a challenge."

Designer: "You get a challenge for drowning her."

Boss: "Seems like something you'll always be able to do to targets, not worthy of us highlighting it as a challenge."

Designer: "You get a challenge for dropping a chandelier on her. And for killing her in a gas explosion."

Boss: "Seems like something you'll—"

Designer: "Yeah yeah, I get it. Oh, this next one's a little more bespoke. If you find a USB drive, you can plug that into a computer to get Dahlia alone."

Boss: "And how do you kill her then?"

Designer: "By … uh … snapping her neck?"

Boss: "We're really going to have to work on building cooler death set pieces going forward."

Designer: "Yeah, I'll get on that. I'm sure we can do better. Let's start on the other episodes."

Boss: "Yeah. Time to move on."











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