Hitman 2

PSA: If you are a casual gamer and regularly take multi-week breaks, don’t buy this game at full price

Hitman3 - PSA: If you are a casual gamer and regularly take multi-week breaks, don't buy this game at full price

In Hitman 2016 GOTY edition, there were 28 story-based targets, and an additional 26 "elusive targets". These elusive targets were limited to one attempt, and disappeared after 3-10 days.

Hitman 2018 has improved on this somewhat, all the targets will apparently last for a full ten days, but they remain one-attempt. If you want to see the special dialogue, scripted kills, and easter eggs, your only option is to watch other players on YouTube.

This is a very divisive topic in the community, and I fully expect this post to be downvoted and reported until it gets deleted by automod. But in case it does stay up, don't bother arguing against the decision, you'll only get attacked by those who insist that arbitrary restrictions and alienating new players are good game mechanics.

If you do have enough play time to dedicate to chasing down the elusive targets, be aware that Sean Bean is already gone, and the second target (which begins next week) will be gone December 31st. And if you don't care about the elusive targets or time-limited events, there's really no point in buying this game at full price.


Only one month after release, the game is already on sale for 40% off on most platforms. If you cannot buy the game during this sale, there will almost certainly be equal or better sales in the coming months. Despite missing the time-limited content, you will only be locking yourself out of a couple lines of dialogue, one scripted kill per target, and a few cosmetic-only suits that are almost identical to the default suit. All the remaining content is locked behind YouTube even for the Gold-edition owners who paid the full $100 before launch, and there's no sign that will change anytime soon.

TL;DR, IOI has decided that 50% of the targets will be YouTube exclusives, so don't rush to buy the game at full price thinking that you will miss any meaningful content.

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