Hitman 2

Q&As from the April Hitman Monthly

Hitman2 - Q&As from the April Hitman Monthly

Q. What are themes?

A. They're themes for monthly content. "Spring break" is the theme for May. Most are based on seasons.

Q. Will the bank and resort have their own soundtracks (scores)?

A. Yes, they sure will.

Q. Will there ever be sandbox variants of sniper maps?

A. No. They are designed for the existing angle. The geometry wouldn't work if played sandbox style. Even making a future map so it could be played sandbox-style as well would compromise the sniper level design.

Q. What about a game mode where one person is a sniper and another player is on the ground?

A. Well, we're thinking about it, but it wouldn't be easy.

Q. Do I get to use the Hantu port sniper rifle on the ground?

A. We're looking at ways to unlock future sniper maps sniper rifles so they can be used in agency pickups.

Q. Can I delete contracts I have made?

A. Not now, but we are looking into that.

Q. Emotes in singleplayer?

A. Nope.

Q. Will the ghost mode outfit manipulator affect opponents going for a suit-only run?

A. Yes!

Q. Can we go straight to the contracts menu right from one contract's results screen?

A. We haven't considered that before, but we'll think about it now.

Q. Will you buff old sniper rifles, so we don't just use the Sieger Ghost every time?


A. We purposely limited the quality of the first sniper rifle you get.

Q. What about that discovery challenge bug?

A. We've done some work on it already, but we're still working on it.

Q. Will be ever get real reskins for the MKII variants, instead of the sticker?

A. Maybe. However, note the reason behind MKII: There are two variants of many items because they're available from the legacy pack as well as in Season 2. So, it's there so you can get the item whether or not you have the legacy pack. If you have MK I and MKII of an item, just use one of them.

Q. Will new locations have contracts?

A. Yes, it's safe to say they will

Q. Will there be any change in the featured contracts process?

A. None planned. What changes do people want? We do realize that we chose two contracts with the same targets last month, and that was a mistake, so sorry about that.

Q. Any new items with actual new gameplay elements?

A. Both new locations (the bank, and the resort — which is also known as the "island") will have new unlocks with new gameplay elements.


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