Hitman 2

Rank the 12 missions from easiest SA/SO to hardest.

Hitman4 - Rank the 12 missions from easiest SA/SO to hardest.

What do you guys think is the easiest/hardest mission to achieve SA/SO on across both seasons.

My personal list:

  1. New Zealand (Easiest in the game IMO, not only is there one target but there are multiple easy SASO methods to kill her. easiest is to just hide in the closet for 10-12 mins and smother her.)
  2. Hokkaido (Sauna makes Yuki arguably the easiest target to SASO in the whole game and the heart makes Soders pretty simple.)
  3. Whittleton Creek (Very easy if you just knock out guards and disable cameras)
  4. Paris (The fireworks opportunity makes this one easy)
  5. Sapienza (If it weren't for the virus this would be way higher on the list. the Silvio observation kill, and the Dalia virus kill make them very easy SASO targets.)
  6. Marrakesh (Pretty simple, just very time consuming and there's only like one way to do it. This is where they begin to get much more difficult (for me at least.))
  7. Miami (Sierra is also fighting for that easiest target to SASO spot, but Robert makes this one pretty tough, not a ton of options when it comes to him.)
  8. Santa Fortuna (This one's tough, not a whole lot of options, and there's no real way around having to break into 3 different very secure compounds this makes things super tedious especially with the one save you get when playing on master.)
  9. Isle of Sgail (This one is just straight up tough, not many places the suit gets you, and security is everywhere, like EVERYWHERE, I bet this map has the highest guard to civ ratio. not to mention the cameras, also both targets have personal bodyguards and almost never enter public areas, if you include capturing the constant this one might be the hardest.)
  10. Mumbai (I love this mission because it's a tough SASO without just restricting the entire map like Colorado and Bangkok. Mumbai manages to be hard even though you're allowed to freely roam most of the map. This one's difficulty is kinda similar to Santa Fortuna for me, it's tough to get around having to break into two high-security buildings and take down two heavily guarded targets. Then you throw in the Maelstrom, a complete wild card that might be the toughest target to SASO if you were going in blind, the opportunities are pretty scarce, and even after you find out his identity the dude is still pretty tough to kill SASO.)
  11. Bangkok (Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan. This mission probably has the easiest and hardest targets to SASO in one mission, but it made it to number 11 for me purely because of how freaking difficult it is just to make it into Jordan's suite. Also, it's just not even fun rather it's incredibly tedious and frustrating.)
  12. Colorado (ALL HOSTILE)

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