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Ranking Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 Maps

Hitman4 - Ranking Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 Maps

Wanna see if I’m weird or not in map preference. What is the Criteria for the Maps 1. Characters 2. Colourfulness 3. Immersive-ness 4. Mission Stories 5. Replay-Ability 6. Build Up

I’m Not taking in easiness for Silent Assassin or anything like that. Mainly just above.

Sapienza Whittleton Creek

12: Hawkes Bay (Hitman 2)

This is pretty obvious to anyone who has played Hitman 2. Hawkes Bay is visually appealing, but it is a tutorial mission, and it’s a house and a beach. You can’t really play the map without wanting to rip your hair out.

11: Marrakesh (Hitman 2016)

I don’t know why I didn’t like this map. I’ve never been to Morocco myself, so atmosphere/realism doesn’t really apply, but it really doesn’t matter. I just felt like they didn’t capture much energy outside of the embassy. The targets weren’t that interesting, and nor were the stories. It felt like a dull, unplayable map at some points. Just an overall bland map.

10: Colorado (Hitman 2016)

I haven’t really talked to anyone who has played Hitman, but I do believe that Colorado isn’t particularly liked by many. The entire map is hostile. That is just something to point out. The exit is boring (I know that doesn’t matter but like come on). The map seems very bland, and doesn’t have much replay-ability. The targets are interesting, though. The whole idea of a private militia is very cool, and just to point it out, Ezra Berg where’s the exact same flannel shirt that I do, so some brownie point there. But besides the few positives, just an overall mediocre map.

9: Hokkaido (Hitman 2016)

Ok. Before you start to absolutely murder me, here me out. Hokkaido was a good map. This is where the ok maps start, but I didn’t enjoy Hokkaido as much as I should have. I didn’t like the whole vibe of the map. It felt very closed and different, and I didn’t like that. Will admit though, the heart kill on Soders was one of the best from both games. The story behind what got you there was definitely cool, but I feel like it didn’t live up to the expectations.

8: Santa Fortuna (Hitman 2)

So our first actual Hitman 2 map appears. I liked Santa Fortuna. It’s a very diverse map. It’s a very colourful map. The real issue with this map is the characters, story, and replay-ability. The idea of a Drug Cartel was cool, but poorly executed. The mansion was poorly executed, and the cocaine fields felt off for some reason. The village and Submarine kill however, were perfectly executed. This was a very on and off map that was just a bit too weird to be above any other map.

7; Isle of Sgail (Hitman 2)

This map was a cool concept, and what got us there was also cool (sort of). The Castle may have been one of the best executed things in either game, but like most the Replay-Ability is a bit off. The other stuff from the map was spectacular, but it’s just one of those, big and restricted maps.


6: Bangkok (Hitman 2016)

This shouldn’t have made it up so high, but it did. I’m a musician myself, so I may be a bit biased towards it, but I feel like it was a genuinely good map. It was diverse, well executed, and was beautiful. The story behind it was great, and becoming the Drummer seems pretty infamous among the community now. The problem with it lays with the stories, but that’s the least important criteria. Just an overall good map.

5: Paris (Hitman 2016)

Paris was great. This is where the GOAT maps start. Paris was absolutely phenomenal. The targets weren’t intriguing, but I don’t care. The other things overshadow that. Story, diversity, then it was Opportunities, map design, everything was great. I’m not gonna go into much detail cause you all know why Paris is so good, but to put it simple, for the first map in the game, they couldn’t have done it better. And how couldn’t we mention Helmut Kruger?

4: Miami (Hitman 2)

Woah. Miami was soooo good. The colour of it was astounding. The theme of the map was great, the stories, great. But nothing really matters, because just look at the map! Is so nice, and captures the American race so nice. So nice. That Sierra Knox kill with the sabotaged tire, and pyro failure were just fantastic, and the robot kill on Robert. Just an overall good time.

3: Whittleton Creek (Hitman 2)

The top 3 were so difficult to decide. But I thought, and Whittleton Creek gets 3rd place. This may have one of the best kills, in the basement with Cassidy, or the best map design, but at the end of the day, Whittleton Creek is so good. The diversity of the map really makes it this good. From the hostile area of Janus’ and Cassidy’s houses, to the calm yet dark muffin house, and then the BBQ, just a perfect suburban town, and perfect setting to kill some people.

2: Sapienza (Hitman 2016)

I know I’m gonna catch heat for this, but Sapienza is slightly worse than Mumbai. My main 2 grievances with Sapienza are the cave and the under-utilization of the town area. The cave area just pissed me off, straight up. I hated that place. The under-utilization of the town was just unfortunate. They really had something with that, but they just didn’t use it. That isn’t a rip on the map, it’s still phenomenal, but just something that really got to me.

1: Mumbai (Hitman 2)

Oh my. This map is perfect. I know that some people hate this map, but I love it. They captured the Mumbai slums perfectly. They have so much diversity packed into this one map. There is a residential area, shopping district, palace/train station, gang hideout, Rich person tower, and a beach, just go name some of it. The targets are pretty good, and the barber shop kill on the Maelstrom was great. I loved the IOI included the feature where you could actually own a store in the slums. That just made it so much better.

Thank you for reading. Took me like an hour to write.

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