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Regarding current rating system/spotting mechanics/etc

Hitman1 - Regarding current rating system/spotting mechanics/etc

The way I see it, a big part of Hitman's replayability comes from getting better at it, learning all the ins and outs and coming up with more and more clever to complete missions. The latest patches are killing that aspect not because the rating system is bad, but because I can't even be certain of how it's supposed to work. How do you get better at a game when you don't know the rules, and the rules keep getting changed? Don't get me wrong, I think the entire five star rating system is garbage, feels like an afterthought and should be redesigned from scratch, but I could deal with it if I knew how it works, or is supposed to work.


I think I'm pretty good at the game, above average at the very least. And I don't have a fu*king clue how some of the systems work or if they're working as intended. How are people who are new to Hitman supposed to figure these things out? However it is, it's not working, judging by the confused comments I get on Youtube/Twitch on a regular basis.

Currently the game has an illogical and overly binary rating system, and the game makes no effort to explain how the system works. I think both are big issues, but combined they make for a complete disaster. It's one of the main reasons why being able to see the rating during gameplay is such a big deal, as it would go a long way in helping people understand the rules and at least partially solve one of the problems.

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