Hitman 2

Results from my Hitman 1+2 Map Survey!

Hitman4 - Results from my Hitman 1+2 Map Survey!

Hey guys, you may remember my map survey I posted a couple days ago. There were only 134 responses to the survey, so take this data with a grain of salt. Anyway, here are the results:

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Note that Google Forms has a funny way of visualizing the "select as many as you want" votes since it's just a percentage; e.g. the "Sapienza's size is strong" bar looks similar in size to the "Sapienza's size is weak" bar, despite the former having 105 votes and the latter having 16 votes. I can't really change this, sorry.

Map "scores"

I used the data to create a "score" for each map by multiplying the percentage vote for each rating with a value, e.g. multiplying the "Among the greatest" percentage by 3 and multiplying the "Among the worst" percentage by -3. This yielded a score between -300 and 300 for each map. I adapted these numbers to fit between a 0-100 scale to determine the final rating out of 100. By using this system, it appeared that "tiers" of maps formed around groups similarly-rated maps. Each tier has a 4+ point gap between the tier above and below it, and no maps within the tier have more than 4 points between them.

Tier 1:

Sapienza 89.3

Hokkaido 85.9

Miami 83.7

Paris 79.9

Tier 2:

Mumbai 75.0

Isle of Sgail 73.3

Whittleton Creek 73.2

Santa Fortuna 69.6

Tier 3:

Bangkok 60.0

Tier 4:

Marrakesh 52.2

Tier 5:

Colorado 38.0

Most overrated map

Sapienza won the "community's most overrated map" vote by a large margin with 33.9%. In 2nd place was a tie between Hokkaido and Whittleton Creek at 9.6%. Close behind in 3rd was Miami with 8.7%.

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Most underrated map

Bangkok won the "community's most underrated map" vote, with 18.7%. Hokkaido came in 2nd with 15.4%, and Marrakesh came in a close 3rd at 14.6%.

Favorite map

Sapienza was the clear winner in the "favorite map" vote, with 26.1%. In 2nd place was Hokkaido with 18.7%, and in 3rd was a tie between Miami and Paris at 13.4%.

Least favorite map

Colorado was the landslide winner in the "least favorite map" vote with an astounding 60.4%. In 2nd was Bangkok with 12.7%, and in 3rd was Marrakesh with 6.7%.

I had initially wanted to do some fancy SQL queries to gain more interesting insights into the data, but I just don't think the sample size was big enough to do that. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions for future surveys, and feel free to comment with your thoughts!

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