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Santa Fortuna pitch meeting

Hitman5 - Santa Fortuna pitch meeting

Designer: "So for this level, we picked a real country of course, went for a nice balmy region. But I invented a town and named it to give us a little leeway with design. The centerpiece is this huge luxurious mansion owned by the primary guy we're going to kill, complete with a team of gardeners, chefs in the kitchen, staff doing laundry, the works. There also an entire village. The village has stores, people fishing, some tourists here for the summer, though not too much mission-related. And from both the village and the mansion, there are entrances to the underground, which is the headquarters for the really shady stuff the target has going on."

Boss: "You already pitched me that destination. It's called Sapienza."

Designer: "No, no, this one's new. And it's got other stuff too. There's jungle and fields, where they grow and process cocaine."

Boss: "Ooh, a cocaine plantation! I imagine a lot of people might like that part of the map best!"

Designer: "Not even one person will, no."

Boss: "I'm a little worried about that underground, though. Some people didn't like having to head down there every time in The World of Tomorrow, so we've got to keep this place interesting."

Designer: "Oh, we will. There are these smugglers stuffing drugs in toys. And there are these mine shafts, and mine supports. And mine tracks, from when this was a mine."

Boss: "This was a mine? What did they mine here?"

Designer: "Unclear. And to enter, you duck in and pass under a waterfall, and find yourself in a cave with a submarine!"

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Boss: "Nope, can't do it."

Designer: "What do you mean? We've already got it all mapped out."

Boss: "47 can't get into deep water, and we can't get him wet. The tech would be a nightmare."

Designer: "Oh … okay. I guess I could stick a door in the rock, slightly to the left of the waterfall?"

Boss: "Perfect. Now tell me about this sub.

Designer: "Well, the engineer who operates the thing is home sick. He got injured, see. Walks with a limp."

Boss: "Oh, did you have to record a special animation for that?"

Designer: "No, we'll just use the one we made for the Point Man in Colorado. So, 47 dresses himself in this guy's clothes, sabotages the sub, and it knocks the target, Rico Delgado, into the water and kills him!"

Boss: "Do you think this'll ever get old? Disguising yourself and then tinkering with some device that has a clear fatal flaw so it blows up in the target's face?"

Designer: "Someday, maybe. But not yet."

Boss: "How else can you kill Rico?

Designer: "You can feed him to a hippo."

Boss: "What."

Designer: "There's actually a reason behind this. Pablo Escobar historically kept a bunch of hippos, and Rico's a Colombian cocaine kingpin just like him. The descendants of Escobar's hippos still roam Colombia today, and they're a big problem."

Boss: "I don't need the explanation. You had me at 'hippo'."

Designer: "I know, right? But to lure the hippo out, we hint that need you need to feed him meat first. So we'll stash a meaty bone somewhere a bit away but logical, like in the kitchen's freezer."

Boss: "No, let's put the bone right next to the hippo."

Designer: "But this is supposed to be a sort of puzzle. Finding the bone is part of that."

Boss: "Maybe on master mode, but I want people feeding Rico to the hippo, so let's make sure they feed Rico to the hippo. Now who's the other target?

Designer: "Her name is Andrea Martinez."

Boss: "Ooh, tell me about Andrea Martinez!"

Designer: "Well, Andrea Martinez, she's … well, she's … "

Boss: "You … you're not finishing your sentence. You're just holding your hands in front of you, cupping imaginary breasts."

Designer: "Exactly."

Boss: "Okay, how do you kill Andrea Martinez?"

Designer: "We have a couple of cool ways to kill her over on a construction site."

Boss: "Ha! Serves her right, hanging around a construction site."

Designer: "Well no, it's a little more complicated than that. You have to lead her there in disguise, since she's actually quite far from the site."

Boss: "How far?"

Designer: "So far that we figure it'd be exhausting to trek there with her, so she instead tells you she'll meet you there."

Boss: "Wow. So you're walking from one corner of the map to the opposite corner?"

Designer: "From one former to *an* opposite corner, yeah. And to walk from where you get the disguise to where Andrea is, you have to trek from a different corner, about as far away."

Boss: "How big IS this map?"

Designer: "Oh, so big."

Boss: "So, those are our targets then."

Designer: "There's a third. Jorge!"

Boss: "Wow, three targets. Are we going to see some fun interactions when Jorge runs into Rick or Andrea? We had that with the Colorado targets."

Designer: "No, Jorge will never meet either of them, no matter what you do."

Boss: "He just stays put?"

Designer: "No, he has a circuit of his own, but he still goes nowhere near either of the other two targets."

Boss: "How big IS this map?"

Designer: "Oh, so big."

Boss: "If Jorge's in his own area, how do you get to him?"


Designer: "One way involves Torres Piombo, the hippie we're bringing back from Sapienza."

Boss: "You mean the Bohemian?"

Designer: "I'm calling him the hippie now. The hippie is delivering Jorge a cocaine statue, but it broke and he's searching for glue. So you've got to find glue yourself and repair the statue. Jorge will taste the cocaine, so you can poison the statue to kill him."

Boss: "Let's put the glue right in the hippie's room. Don't want to make this too hard."

Designer: "No, I'm putting my foot down this time. We're making this a puzzle, dammit!"

Boss: "Okay, fine. So 47 glues the statue, poisons it, and the hippie takes it to Jorge."

Designer: "Nono. 47 disguises himself as the hippie and goes himself."

Boss: "Why can't he do it my way?"

Designer: "Because I want the player to hear funny dialog when 47 pretends to be a hippie."

Boss: "But you said the hippie was looking for glue. Wouldn't 47 hand the glue over, if he has some on him?

Designer: "No. Not even if the hippie asks him directly."

Boss: "Very inconsiderate of 47!"

Designer: "If the hippie poisons Jorge, he'd stick around as the guards get suspicious, and they'd gun him down."

Boss: "Very considerate of 47!"

Designer: "So that's one way to infiltrate the tunnels. Getting into the mansion is a whole other deal. You can use P-Power."

Boss: "As in, 'I need to use the bathroom'?"

Designer: "No, P-Power. That's the name of a tattooist 47 can disguise himself as."

Boss: "Well, that's sure going to be difficult. You can put on someone's clothes, sure, but you can't put on their tattoos."

Designer: "Actually, you can. It turns out P-Power wears fake tattoos in the form of removable sleeves."

Boss: "Oh. Sounds kind of like we're cheating there, because guards would otherwise see through that disguise."

Designer: "Not really. It's more commenting on what a shitty tattooist P-Power is. See, the bartender has a giant facial tattoo, and when 47 dresses up as the bartender even without any tattoo, no one sees through that either."


Boss: "Did P-Power do the bartender's tattoo?"

Designer: "Yeah. That's more commentary on what a shitty tattooist P-Power is."

Boss: "So, 47 goes to the mansion gate in disguise."

Designer: "And then he meets Rico's wife, Catalina Delgado."

Boss: "Ooh, tell me about Catalina Delgado!"

Designer: "Well, Catalina Delgado, she's … well, she's … "

Boss: "Okay, you're again not finishing your sentence, and this time, you're clenching your hands as though squeezing imaginary butt cheeks."

Designer: "Exactly. So, you meet Catalina, she snaps a selfie with you, and then you get Rico alone and stick a needle right in his head. Boom! Silent assassin."

Boss: "And you delete the selfie?"

Designer: "No. You just leave."

Boss: "We penalize the player for getting caught on camera looking innocent in a crowd on the other side of the map, but we're cool with letting them leave behind a clear facial shot immediately outside the room of the target they blatantly stabbed in the face?"

Designer: "Yeah. Catalina's feed is pretty lame, see. She doesn't have many followers."

Boss: "Fair enough. Is there anything else going on in the mansion?"

Designer: "Well we've got this whole story about Andrea's ex, Hector. And to get him to go see her, we have to retrieve a love letter, which means knocking out a guard, who we identify through his limp."

Boss: "Oh, did you have to record a special animation for that?"

Designer: "No, we'll just use the Point Man one again."

Boss: "I allocated considerable funds for motion capture. Where did it all go?"

Designer: "Rico dancing, mostly."

Boss: "What?"

Designer: "Yeah, we have this ceremony in town, and Rico does a dance. And we have a full band playing instruments, which need their own special animations, and of course original music. Plus every NPC in town has to navigate their way there to watch."

Boss: "How much of the total level budget went into that scene?"

Designer: "That's actually why I'm here. We need more money now. We've spent all of it."

Boss: "Well listen. I don't know if this Three-Headed Serpent is going to land in the absolute top tier of Hitman levels. But when we did the World of Tomorrow, we followed it up with some bonus missions that fleshed out the map, and we totally hit it out of the park."

Designer: "Oh yeah! We can maybe show the town square at night, and we can do something with the huge, underused fishing village! If we do that, players will love it."

Boss: "Yeah, or instead of that—"


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