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Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin Suit Only Master Guide

Hitman3 - Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin Suit Only Master Guide

This was my way of getting SA/SO for Santa Fortuna. My starting loadout was a silenced pistol, coins, fiber wire and a concealable baton hidden in the construction building next to the default starting location (the baton isn’t necessary, I just like having a non lethal melee from the start).

Once you load in at the bus stop, go to the left and get the baton if you chose to take it. After that go to the right towards the mechanics place and take the soda can just in case you need it. Then head up to the mansion, shoot the two cameras, and go to the right. Climb up the vine and you will be in the mansion.

This part is very hard as you need to get to the other side of the mansion without getting spotted. Once you climb down the ladder, go between the hedge and the small hut with two guards and turn right. There will be two guards to your left standing there and two guards patrolling back and forth in front of you. Once they get close, switch covers so they don’t see you and then run by them once they pass. This should happen about 1 minute and 40 seconds into the mission if you moved quick. Once you begin to run by, hug the wall on the left so the guards at the front entrance don’t see you. Then cut to the right behind the gardeners bag and move forward on that wall. To distract the two guards at the garage, take your silenced pistol and shoot the garage. They will be distracted and you can keep moving forward. At this point, you should see the two guards patrolling the left side of the mansion and the two standing around talking about “Javier stealing the love letter”. Shoot behind the guards talking about the letter. If they notice the bullet impact I would restart, you just want them to get distracted. Once they look away and the two guards patrolling are not looking, drop down and climb into the bathroom window.

You’ve just completed the most difficult part of this run two and a half minutes in, so rest easy. Once you are in the bathroom, instinct and you should see two mansion staff. Overflow the sink, open the door and quickly hide in the closet. This should distract the man, if not I would restart. Once he turns the sink off knock him out and hide him in the closet. Then go around the pool table, get the pool ball, knock out the other maid and drag her into the bathroom. This should be about 3-4 minutes into the mission.

This next part is VERY IMPORTANT and you must do EXACTLY what I say to make this work. If you go where the female maid was standing and look to the right you should see a camera close outside. DO NOT SHOOT THAT CAMERA YET! Stay in that spot and use instinct. Rico should be walking on the bridge upstairs towards the room directly above you. Once he gets into that room and close to directly above you, shoot that camera. Rico will investigate and then you can kill him and hide his body in the bathroom.


Even though we’ve just killed Rico, we still have some work to do in the mansion. Go to the stairs leading to the basement closest to where you were just standing, they should lead to the wine cellar. There should be one guy standing drinking wine and one girl doing something. Once the girl goes into the other room, knock out the guy and hide him in the crate. Girl will come back in, knock her out and drag her into the other room. Now you have to wait in the corner where the girl normally stood and have a non lethal weapon aimed at the door to knock out the guard with a limp before he gets to the kitchen. Drag him into the crate and pick up the love letter, then head back up the stairs and go out the door to your right.

Exiting the mansion is easier than getting in. Go back up the stairs by the garage and shoot it to distract that guard. Hide behind the gardeners bag and wait for the two patrolling guards to pass, then crouch run back to the ladder and climb down. Once out of the mansion, head towards Andrea Martínez’s house.

Once there, bear right and go into that area next to her house. It’s fine if a camera sees you, you’ll destroy the evidence here. Jump the wall and hide in those bushes. Shoot the camera, make sure the guard doesn’t spot you, then knock him out and hide him in the dumpster. Jump in the window behind the desk and put the letter in the bin, then jump back out and hide in the corner. Wait till Andrea goes onto the balcony and the door closes, then push her off. Two down.

Save at this point. Aim into the window and use instinct to locate the security box (there should be a guard standing there) and shoot it. The hit detection isn’t great so you may miss and have a guard get suspicious, but that’s why we saved before this. Once evidence and cams are gone, climb back over the wall and head towards the jungle.

You want to go to the ground level section where the red box is above you. Two guards will be there, so throw a soda can away from them, one will investigate, knock him out and drag him into the bushes. The other guard might hear something and check it out, so throw something at him before he does. Shoot the box, get the circuit board, then climb up the vine and cliff.

Go down the stairs and crouch run across the bridge into the bushes. The guards won’t notice you. Crouch run through the bushes and get to the drug lab where the cocaine machine is. Go to the left side where the generator is. Turn it off and back on, wait for the worker to investigate, then knock him out and hide him in the box. Do that again, knock the second guy out and hide in the same spot. Then go into the lab, fix the machine, and then hide in the dumpster in the lab. Once Franco dismisses his workers and the guard leaves, push him into the machine and you’re done.

To exit, your best bet is probably the bus, as it’s safest, so retrace your steps out of the fields and run there, but if you want to do the helicopter for time than sneak across the water.

This should all take about 25 minutes to complete. I hope this helps! Leave any suggestions or questions in the comments. Happy hunting!

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