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Sapienza pitch meeting

Hitman4 - Sapienza pitch meeting

Boss: "So, tell me about some of the cool disguises you've cooked up for this new level."

Designer: "Oh, we have this really elaborate one. You know how 47 dressed up as a clown in that fan-favorite level from Blood Money? Well, we've now got a traditional Italian clown as a street performer. Think one of those old opera characters, but the costume has these little bells that ring, and the mask has three faces."

Boss: "Wow, sounds great. And where can you infiltrate, when you're wearing the clown disguise?"

Designer: "Oh, nowhere. It works like your suit."

Boss: "Uh, okay. So, what other disguises have you got?"

Designer: "Well on the road leading into town, we have a cyclist who got hit by a van. If you lure away the deliverymen, you can knock him out and take his clothes. It's really tight, shows off 47's physique. I bet fans'll like this one."

Boss: "And where does a cycling getup let you sneak into?"

Designer: "Nowhere. This one too, it works like a suit."

Boss: "I'm not sure you understand the point of disguises."

Designer: "There's also the Sanguine stylist outfit, the same one from Paris."

Boss: "Oh, I get it. Bringing back a signature disguise from the previous level, for continuity. Is that something you're going to do a lot going forward?"

Designer: "No, never again."

Boss: "Okay. What does the stylist do then?"

Designer: "There's a salon set up, and the stylist cuts hair."

Boss: "I think I see an opportunity there. If the target comes by, you can cut them up as the barber, right?"

Designer: "Huh. Let me store that idea for later. But you can't do that in this level, no."

Boss: "Does … does Sanguine play any other role in this level?"

Designer: "Oh yeah! We've got a whole Sanguine outlet. It's a multi-level building. We have dozens of individual designs for handbags and shoes to display in there."

Boss: "Ah, that's going to make for a nice trap for the female target in this mission!"

Designer: "No, she doesn't come by."

Boss: "Ha, ha, that's what I deserve, making assumptions like that! Correction: It's going to make for a nice trap for the MALE target in this mission."

Designer: "No, he goes nowhere near there."

Boss: "Is this supposed to be a good spot for contracts then?"

Designer: "Probably not. We're just sticking one NPC in there, which means they're no challenge to kill."

Boss: "So, there's the area the targets roam, and then you just have this one store too?"

Designer: "Oh no, we have a ton of stores. There's an art gallery. A wine store. A pottery store … "

Boss: "And you can lure the targets into these places?"

Designer: "No."

Boss: "You can kill the people there in contracts?"

Designer: "No, these stores are all empty."

Boss: "They're sealed off then?"

Designer: "No, you can go in. We got plenty of other sealed-off stores, though."

Boss: "What, did you design a whole town for Silvio and Francesca to walk through?"

Designer: "And a beach! Silvio and Francesca don't go there, though. Or through the town, really."

Boss: "Oh, a beach. I hope there are some interesting beachy things you can do."

Designer: "Well, you can shoot the inflatable crocodile."

Boss: "You're gonna have to give me more than that."

Designer: "You can shoot FIVE scattered crocodiles!"

Boss: "What happens if you do?"

Designer: "You complete the challenge, which says you shot five scattered crocodiles!"


Boss: "Uh … there's got to be other stuff around that beach, surely."

Designer: "We have a tunnel leading directly off it. It goes to a large sewer system with all kinds of entrances into other structures."

Boss: "Oh, so that's a good way of infiltrating that underground lab you were telling me about!"

Designer: "No, the two are completely unconnected."

Boss: "Infiltrating the villa then?"

Designer: "Nope. That has its own basement, with its own plumber tunnel, but it's separate."

Boss: "What does the sewer help you infiltrate then?"

Designer: "You can infiltrate the church basement."

Boss: "More easily than by walking in the front door and going down the stairs?"

Designer: "Less easily, to be honest."

Boss: "That really is a fancy church, for a place the targets never go. And it's got its own morgue building you say?"

Designer: "And a cemetery."

Boss: "Ooh! Sounds spooky!"

Designer: "Nothing spooky happens there exactly. We could make a spooky bonus level, maybe, which has a cemetery photoshoot."

Boss: "In the cemetery you already designed, right?"

Designer: "No, it'd make more sense to have characters build a fake cemetery in a basement."

Boss: "At least the church tower will make a hell of a sniper's nest."

Designer: "Definitely. We also have a clock tower for sniping though."

Boss: "Like a tower you can climb up to, using a ladder?"

Designer: "Oh, it's more than just that. It's a city building with like six floors. Not even counting the restaurant, there's a basement, offices, an apartment … "

Boss: "Which Silvio and Francesca will enter?"

Designer: "No, never."

Boss: "Good for contracts then?

Designer: "A couple NPCs, but they're totally isolated, no challenge at all."

Boss: "And yet you say you've got an apartment there."

Designer: "We have a bunch of different apartments, actually. We even one that's been outfitted by the ICA, a safe house 47 can start in!"

Boss: "Now that sounds like a cool idea. We're going to have a bunch of levels in towns and stuff going forward, so maybe ICA safe houses can be a regular thing?"

Designer: "No, we'll never do it again."

Boss: "And these apartments are full of locals, I guess."

Designer: "Oh, not the city hall one. That one has this guy called the Bohemian. He's a cool guy! He's protesting war, he smokes drugs, he wears tie-dye … "

Boss: "You mean a hippie?"

Designer: "No, I said he's called the Bohemian. Knock him out, the disguise is awesome!"

Boss: "And once you've entered his place and taken his disguise, this will help you infiltrate … ?

Designer: "Nowhere."

Boss: "Nowhere, right. I've got to say, you have a lot of ideas, but it sounds to me like you've got a long way to go before we've perfected this level design thing—"



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