Hitman 2

Silverballer grip medallions replica & suppressor project

Hitman4 - Silverballer grip medallions replica & suppressor project


today I want to present you two parts from my unique Silverballer replica (airsoft). The medallions from the grips and the silencer.

I've been working on a perfect Silverballer replica since 2015 and so far I am at my third attempt becoming each time a lot better.

I already talked about my project some time ago. On my profile you can find a dedicate post about it with plenty of pictures with the full gun.

What I want to show you is my progress with the medallions that you find on the grips. Please note these are not made by me but by professionals. In a few words I hired people presenting a blueprint that I made in paint…

My first attempt on these medallions was in 2016. I had made a printable 3D file with the logo already build in and then contacted a company to print them. They weren't perfect nor good but that gave me the motivation to push myself even harder.

With the second pair of medallions I came to an idea about making the medallions blank. Just the shape of it build in Stainless steel via CNC machine for after to crave in the logo and fill up the empty space with black material. This project resulted in an enormous success and close to perfection.

On my third attempt following the same route I manage to make them perfect thanks to a jeweler. This last pair was build as if it was a jewel and it also shines like one.

uztpqv4kcd051 - Silverballer grip medallions replica & suppressor project








Another one of my ambition is to replicate the silencer from the Blackballer.

In case you were wondering what this Baller is that you have never heard about, it's the new black pistol they use to promote the new Hitman series but somehow it is not usable in the gameplay.

I choose this particular silencer because for me looks very wonderful.

And after 2 attempts I manage to have this one made too. There was a problem about how I can fix it inside the barrel without having to drill because I am afraid of the damage it might cause but then I came with a good idea and it works perfectly.

The silencer stays inside still and straight. I now have to take in consideration if I want to engrave the serial number with the Hitman symbol or keep it as it is now. Blank.

Youtube video of the assemble: watch?v=ynbfacaRU8U







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