Hitman 2

Small Changes for Hitman 3

Hitman2 - Small Changes for Hitman 3

Here's a small list of changes I'd like to see made to what already exists in the game, for Hitman 3.

  1. Fire Axes and similar weapons can be used to quickly (and very loudly) breach many types of locked doors or gates. If holding a Fire Axe when near a door, you'll get the open to breach the door – 47 will wind up and strike the door near it's latch, breaking it wide open very quickly (about half the time it takes to use a crowbar). It makes a lot of noise, but if you're in a hurry, it may be worth it. This will work on just about any type of lock except reinforced steel or keycard-locked doors like in Hokkaido.
  2. Fire Extinguishers can be used to create temporary smoke screens. While holding a fire extinguisher, 47 can "hip fire", spraying its powdery contents into the air, creating a thick cloud that is hard to see through. Although the cloud itself will draw attention, it will also temporarily block line of sight for cameras/NPC's, allowing 47 to slip by unnoticed, as long as he's fast. The icon above an NPC's head will change to circling dots while they are unable to see you through the cloud. The camera grid will simply disappear from the floor as long as the dust is blocking the camera's view. Spraying an NPC directly will cause them to cough and move away from the dust, but will also put them on alert once they regain their breath.
  3. The Kalmer-1, Seiker-1, or empty pistols can be used as non-lethal melee weapons the same way you'd execute someone with a loaded pistol. While holding a Kalmer-1, for example, or an empty Bartolli, when you sneak up behind an NPC, you'll get the option to "Subdue" as you normally would – except, instead of grabbing them to choke them out, 47 will hit the NPC over the back of the head with the weapon, knocking them out instantly. To subdue the normal way, simply unequip the pistol. If you want internal logic as to why 47 can't do this with loaded pistols, let's just say it's because he's a highly professional assassin who wouldn't risk accidental discharged of a loaded firearm by hitting somebody with it.
  4. Allow syringes to be used to poison food/drinks like in Blood Money. It's an illegal act no matter what disguise you're wearing, but allows for more on-the-fly versatility, should your plan to directly inject a target fail and you need to come up with a new plan (you know, what Hitman is all about). Keep the poison vials though, they're still important for disguised poisonings obviously.
  5. Guards will now simply confiscate certain illegal items, instead of going hostile. For instance, if you're a civilian carrying around a Crowbar, that shouldn't warrant getting shot at because it's not an overtly hostile action – but maybe a Guard will come up to you, give you some crap about it, and then confiscate it and send you away. That's it, no fuss no muss. A hassle, but not a Silent-Assassin-run-killing hassle.
  6. When destroying the main camera system on Master Mode, if a bullet impact is noticed, the NPC will notice the bullet hole in the computer and raise an alert. An EMP or manually disabling the system will not be recognized as suspicious at any time.
  7. When destroying the main camera system on Master Mode, in time it will be repaired and reactivated. Taking out the on-site IT guy (Usually one of the Security Guards, or an actual IT guy on maps that have them) will prevent this. Also, if the IT guy notices a bullet hole as the cause of the system failure, he will raise an alert but will not notice foul play if manually disabled or disabled by an EMP.
  8. When destroying individual cameras on Master Mode, a guard will be sent to patrol the area covered by the destroyed camera. You can either get through the area before the guard arrives, slip past him after he shows up, or take him down which will leave the area totally unguarded. This can also be an effective way of rearranging guards into different areas of the map, strategically.

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