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So if I buy the Miami pack THEN the Miami Upgrade package on Steam, I end up paying more…

Hitman5 - So if I buy the Miami pack THEN the Miami Upgrade package on Steam, I end up paying more...

I already have the Gold edition, Hitman 2016 and bought everything about this game, I love it. And it's because I love it so much that I'm so picky.

I just do not understand what's going on at IOI on the marketing/business side. I love them, and I love the content they create, so I wish more people could enjoy it too.

So many questions are raised from the way they handle the "selling" part of this game. It's really confusing for new comers. I've heard so many people complaining about not understanding how to buy this game, and what they should buy. It is in fact a maze.

The Hitman 2 Starter Pack, which includes only Hawke's Bay, should be a Steam demo. Some of my friends came to me like "Oh this game is completely free, should I install it ?". A demo would really help people identify that what they're getting is a taste of what's coming. I think ti's awkward, but at least it might draw some people to try out the game.

But then it's confusing when it comes to actually buying the game. It's a full sized game with just enough content and live support to please anyone remotely interested to Stealth games. It shouldn't be afraid to sell as that: A good, crazy, sandbox stealth game.

Of course it's not the same kind as other stealth games, it's pretty unique, and for that matter I understand the marketing team is trying out new things. Some people are a bit confused about what it's like, what the game promises. But when it comes to answering those questions, I suppose most buyers will prefer going through a Review Video to have a general idea of what they're going to play.

Once they've made their choice they're left with a maze of "starter pack" or "Miami package" or "Miami Upgrade Package" or "GOTY Legacy DLC" or "GOTY Legacy UPGRADE DLC" or "Expansion Pass" or "Silver/Gold/Standard Edition"

What do I buy ? Why does this game need so many upgrades and DLC's, is it not good enough to stand as whole ? Am I still going to have to buy stuff after paying for the "Gold edition ?". Those are many questions that often come up when I talk to people about this.

Sure when you know IOI and when you trust them, you don't hesitate and you know what to buy (EVERYTHING). But when you come here for the first time and just want to buy the game, all you care is how much it's going to cost you. At most, you can be happy that there is a Demo so you can try it out. But a Miami pack ? Please…

Out of all of this, I think the Miami pack and the 2 GOTY Legacy Packs are the most confusing.

It's not an episodic release, so people either buy the game, or they don't. Same for the GOTY Legacy Packs. They buy the Legacy Pack that means they loved Hitman 2, don't be shy and make a package with both the GOTY Legacy pack and the Bonus Mission from it. Right now, the GOTY Legacy Pack upgrade is useless. The GOTY Legacy pack already gives Patient Zero campaign, outfits, and weapons. (At least it's what it says in the description.) But the description of the Upgrade is "Adds Patient Zero campaign, outfits, and weapons."

People who buy the pack will want it all. Same for the post launch DLC's. People who buy DLC's will want it all (and on that part IOI did well, they removed the "Silver" edition. It was very confusing whether or not you could upgrade to Gold later on.)


Now I have explained what I think is wrong with the current Steam page, I would like to highlight that post launch content pages are not very visible or comprehensive either.

It often happens to post launch expansion packs: the Steam page isn't up to date.

At launch, people don't know what's coming, and publishers just make a page to buy the Expansion pass before stuff is released. But they put nothing on it except a very vague description of the thing:

" The Expansion Pass includes two Expansion Packs that offer you new Missions, new Locations, new Sniper Maps, new Challenges, new Weapons and new Outfits. "

And it seems to often stay like that. The problem is that this says nothing. It doesn't mention how many missions, how many locations, how many of them are Sniper Maps. What are Sniper maps anyway to a new comer ?

So many questions that the Hitman 2 and Hitman 2 Expansion Pass steam pages don't answer. You have to look up on the reddit page, or on forums, because it just isn't clear. If the Official pages aren't clear, people tend to be turned off a little.

And believe it or not, a lot of Steam buyers are lazy, and I'm the most lazy of them all. When you go to buy a game and you have watched enough videos to know you'll like the game, then slowly, getting confused at how to actually buy the thing and what to buy to be sure you can get everything without paying twice for the same thing, all of that becomes important.

A friend of mine said it was too confusing and it made him unsure, he thought he'd regret, once he bought something, that he couldn't get the rest, or would have to pay twice for the same thing. It can scare people. I noticed that they recently tried to make things a little more clear, and I have seen a picture on this subreddit of what to buy and when, and I thought it was good, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere to be found now. Was it official ? If it was, it should be pinned somewhere.

One thing is fine: They update the Steam News Feed. So that's one point for IOI.

Finally, I'm just very disappointed that so many people are missing on great content.

I myself follow IOI closely on social medias I have and come once a day on the subreddit to make sure I meet people with the same passion, but not everyone have the time for that, and I feel like a lot of the communication is more stealthy than me when I play the game. Some of the content (Holiday Hoarders and the special Hokkaido Assignment that came out this winter) are nowhere to be found. They were time limited which means people missed on that content, and even if it comes back, it risks to remain time limited.

Same goes for some great work put into the game like Elusive Targets: they're fun and innovating as standalone assignments, but they disappear. I think ET's should become permanently playable again after a few months, it delays the thing enough for it to be an incentive to play them when they come out, while still having the possibility to enjoy them again as missions a few months after. (But that's not the main topic here, I just wanted to give my humble opinion on that matter.)

Anyway, thanks for reading, I am looking forward to have your thoughts on that matter as well. Hitman fans

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