Hitman 2

So, the game is really, really good. (quick, spoiler-free impressions)

Hitman1 - So, the game is really, really good. (quick, spoiler-free impressions)

I've been avoiding reviews and most previews of H2 and even having just come away from a week of binging Season 1, I've gotta say, I'm really surprised from what I've played so far. The game is good, like really good so far.

Expecting to be disappointed by New Zealand and its relatively scarce offering, I came away hugely impressed — once things 'get going' in the level, you realize that everything is so minutely placed, and that what seemed at first to be a pretty small and lacking level (at least to me) is filled to the brim with interesting items tucked away in corners, and all sorts of small, seemingly unrelated things that make you say "oh..? Ohhhh" aloud as they click into place and create a new opportunity you hadn't even thought of before.

I've heard people say good things about Miami from pre-release events, but I don't think anyone has touched on how it, by itself, is probably better than any of the levels in season 1. I knew it'd be big (and wow is it), but what surprised me was how dense it is. I'm pretty sure that across the entire map, around literally each and every corner is something brand new that changes things up. I won't go into specifics, but trust me, in just my first hour, I'd found so many NPC interactions that had me just completely giddy with how funny, surprising, or crazy they would be. Plus the writing is just taken to 11, as in one opportunity, I was just laughing my ass off listening to an exchange with 47 and an NPC — it feels like every time 47 speaks, it's a treat.

I'm just now moving onto Colombia, and it looks like it'll be absolutely great from the introduction cinematic, but I'll be damned if I don't have an itch to hop right back into Miami (I ran all around that map exploring for a straight hour, and still only found like half of it, apparently!).

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Anyway, that's my Gold-edition hype thread. And trust me, I'm not usually the type to start writing threads like this — if I felt it was anything less, I wouldn't even put in the effort to write this up, but I just wanted to talk about how much fun it was so damn badly. I just absolutely love it so far, and am having even more of a blast in it than I did playing H1 for the first time.

Much love to IO-I for the game, and for releasing it early. <3

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention, the amount of detail in the game is just staggering. I seriously cannot believe how many small little things I've noticed in each and every level. Hell, just reading the intel on my targets surprises me with how fleshed out each of them are.


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