Hitman 2

Some Criticism (positive and negative) and some improvments I would like to see in future instalments

Hitman2 - Some Criticism (positive and negative) and some improvments I would like to see in future instalments

First some imprssions for each map:


Well crafted map, especially Sierra with her 2 Phases.

Not much to criticize in this one, except it fells like Paris but larger (more to that later).

Santa Fortuna:

Nothing realy special about this one. Can't really point positive or negative points, it's just a large map with no real cool feature but no flaw aswell. Feels like missed potential.


Really loved that one. It's huge, has many places and opportunities (The Kashmerian) to discover and the idea, that you have to identify the Maelstorm before you can kill him is awesome. Not much to criticize aswell.

Whittleton Creek:

Really didn't liked this one. But first the positive points: The ways you can kill Janus and Cassidy. The suburban town is cozy af and I liked the atmosphere.

The things I didn't liked are this **** clues you have to get every time and aside the fact i liked the atmosphere, the map feels way too small. After my 2nd playthrough I think I found every corner of the map and it hadn't anything new to offer.

Isle of Sgàil:

One of my favorites aswell. It's quite challenging and there are many different places to discover. Also positive, that the Constant Story is optional and not requiered to finish the level.

Only downside is the the map layout, where I got lost at times (but I don't know, if this was intentional by IOI).

General critique:

HM2 feels like a better copy of HM1 with a lot of missed potential. Especially Santa Fortuna, Whittleton Creek and Sgàil feel like you could include so many creative ideas but HM2 went for the successful HM1 gameplay.

Aswell I hoped they would include more creative items (maybe some without online ranking because they would break the game). For example a dart gun, which can shoot emetic poison arrows or a suit case which can transport disguises.

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I really like this game but often I had the feeling of lost potential and I hope IOI would atleast patch in some new and creative items.

What features whould you like to see in the future?

Please tell me if you find any grammar and spelling mistakes. Thanks

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