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Some small gripes with 47’s character model and animation

Hitman1 - Some small gripes with 47's character model and animation

I want to preface this post by saying I absolutely love Hitman. I've poured hours and hours into playing the games. Its probably my favorite game series in existence right now. Im saying this to cover my own ass because in NO WAY am I shitting on this game or anything this game does. This is just my personal point of view and its nothing but constructive criticism for a game that is already my game of the year.

First, this is something I've noticed when taking screenshots in Ansel. 47's eyes. If you notice during his idle animation, he scans his surroundings looking up down and all around. Which is expected for an assassin who uses his environment as a weapon. But when you aim a gun, or garrote someone, the idle animation stays the same. When you corner a target and you have a gun pointed at their face, its a little strange to see 47's eyes not even focused on the person he's about to kill. Like if someone is crouched down begging for their life and the gun is pointed slightly down at the targets head, 47's eyes are focused straight ahead or off somewhere else. Its a little weird. Maybe if the reticle was used as an eye target when he aims, that would fix that. I think… I dont develop games, so I dont know what it would take.

Second, when 47's gun is hidden in front or behind his back. Maybe this is just me, but that animation serves no purpose and it's killing me because I wish it did. It would be killer if it wasnt visible to the target. Ive tested it and the target still sees the gun even though 47 has it behind his back. I think this should be changed simply so that awesome animation doesnt go to waste and serves an actual purpose.

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Third, I think being able to use a weapon during a blend would be more fluid in assassinating. Like for example, say a target is walking down a hallway and 47 is blending in as a janitor or something. Mopping the floor and of course the target walks by and thinks nothing of it. I think it would be seamless to be able to pull out your gun or throwable right in the middle of that blending animation, and kill your target. Instead of having to stop the blending and pull out your gun and aim. And if you're me, aim and miss like an id*ot.

And finally fourth, this is a very personal preference but, 47's stance when he aims his pistol is a little strange. To me, it almost makes 47 lose his professional appearance, if that makes sense. Like his upper body is angled weird and his left arm is weirdly out and slightly bent, I dont know. Maybe someone else notices this too but I know Im weird for noticing something so minuscule.

To me, part of what adds to the Htman experience is really experiencing 47's presence as this calm and collected professional assassin. Now, im not gonna use the term immersion breaking because it isnt. Out of these four points, only two of them would really effect gameplay (Second and third). I still love the game as is. Whether or not this stuff could be implemented in an update or future will not change how much I love this game series and IO Interactive.

Thanks for reading!

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