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Hitman1 - Some suggestions

So I've been playing hitman 2016 and hitman 2 for quite some time now. In fact just yesterday I unlocked the last inventory item, so I think I have some decent ideas in mind on how to improve the game:

  • When completing a contract, the player should have an option to return to the contract list.
  • Elusive targets should be re-playable when Hitman 3 gets released, so the players who missed them have a chance to kill them while the rest have moved on.
  • There should be an option to save inventory items as "favourites", so they can be quickly selected. Furthermore, missions should save the previous loadout.
  • A custom difficulty to better suit the varying playerbase, some like the difficulty of Master mode but don't like the one-save policy, whilst some like to walk around like a sponge consuming all of the incoming bullets. In this difficulty the player has control of the rules, but to compensate this the player should not receive any XP or unlock any unlockables as a result.
  • Utility tools like the screwdriver or the wrench should be a part of the loadout selection to not only be useful, but also logical.
  • Sorting contracts should be made easier. Currently there is no option to sort them by "most played: all time" or "most popular", so rather the selection is dwindled down to what was the most played last week or month. This option to sort all of the contracts ever made with popularity should better show the best contract. However, as expected this will result in significantly slower search times, but in my opinion it should be worth it.
  • A taser. There are already other methods of arranging "accidents", and I feel like causing an electrocution by using a hand-held item should prove to be useful. In addition, this taser should also incapacitate anyone hit by it.
  • Pacified bodies should be able to be shot by a gun through the container they've been hidden in.
  • A custom distraction tool with the player's own audio of choice. The audio should not judge the effectiveness of the tool nor should the loudness determine the area of effect, but rather only be for fun.
  • Guns should double as a non-lethal melee weapon when empty, so they still have some functionality even when ammo has been depleted. It would make sense for them to work as melee weapons even when they have some ammo in it, but because the gun controls overlap with that of melee weapons', it would prove to be difficult to make it work.
  • Bodies should be able to be hidden on the body slabs in morgues.
  • Bodies should also be able to be hidden in plain sight as long as they've been disposed of without a bloody outcome. Such places to hide the bodies would be benches or beds.

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