Hitman 2

Something with this game seems wrong

Hitman4 - Something with this game seems wrong

Since I've been on this subreddit, I've noticed that about a third of the posts are asking about "What to buy" and "How do I find this / that".

It shows that something is a little wrong with the marketing of this awesome game, and with the in-game way of finding your way around the menus.

It's probably a barrier to some people who are looking to acquire the game but are confused about what to buy if they want the whole game, or if they aren't sure. It's a little but of a mess. I myself directly pre-ordered the Gold Edition on PC since I loved all the entries in the series, and I don't regret it.

But that "orientation problem" (aka "where the heck do I need to go") remains in the main menu.

Especially about unlocks. There is a ton of content in this game, and once you're used to it and know where to find it, then you can enjoy your game. But right now, in order to see what unlock you're missing, you need to go to the Career tab, and to the Challenge tile, and you need to go through EVERY SINGLE ONE of the non completed challenges (all of them when you start) in order to see which one HAVE an unlock, and which one DO NOT HAVE an unlock.

This is something that not all players will do, and the game does a poor job at showing clearly what item you can still get and when. (Except for Mastery progression, which is pretty well made).


I'm talking about Featured Contract Rewards (You have no way to know there are rewards, unless you go in the very specific Challenge tab, INSIDE the very specific Featured Contract tile), Challenge Pack Rewards, General Challenges, Escalation Rewards (You need to go the Location Tab, then select the Escalation Contract, and some of them have rewards, and others don't. There are general rewards you can only see by scrolling through the entire Challenge tile as I said before.) etc.

In other words, if you're a new player and don't know where to look exactly (it's quite specific), you only know about rewards once you get them. There is no way to know about a reward before having checked every single mission and challenges.

So a way to help this would be to create a new tile on the main menu called something like "Rewards/Unlocks" and there you could find a list with images of any item unlockable item, and the way to get it.

(= Complete 3 Mission stories / Complete "that" challenge / Play an Elusive Target / Complete an Escalation Contract / Completed 40 Featured Contracts etc.)

Right now it's the other way around: you need to look for the way to get an unlock (aka. the challenge), then it tells you that there is an unlock.

This way people won't miss out on content, it would be like a Bounty Hunter tab and they have all the info of what they need to do, and all the unlocks in the game, so they can just check there, grind their way toward the item they want, and play freely with it.

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