Hitman 2

Special Assignment #6 – Murder On The Carpathian Express (Carpathian Mountains)

Hitman1 - Special Assignment #6 - Murder On The Carpathian Express (Carpathian Mountains)

Potential Targets: Helmut Kruger, Erik Olander, Abel De Silva, Wes Liston, Jackie Carrington, Jason Portman, Amos Dexter, Orson Mills, Edward “Ted” Mendez, The Vanisher, Karan Dhar, Rima Shah, Charles Blake III, Helen West, Blake Nathaniel, Frederick Engelhorn, Zana Kazem, Angus Pritchard, Sister Lei

List Of Dead: Sal Falcone, Konny Engström, Robert Powell, Nails, Nelson Lafayette, Dr. Singh, Tommy Maverick

List Of NPCs: Sebastian Sato, Oscar Lafayette, Salvatore Bravuomo, Dexy Barat, Heidi Santoro, Carlton Smith, Maxwell Rutter, Brigitte Cabot, Paul Powers, Karissma Hussein, Gregory Arthur, Axel Phenniger, Marek Sinclair, Cornelia Stuyvesant, Mateo Pérez, Fabian Mann, Hilde Sorbetto, Captain Rutherford, Lucy Phillips, Patrick Carlisle, Rebecca Carlisle, Phineas Whitmer, Aron Ford Jr., Rolf Hirschmüller, Valentina Yates

Briefing: Sal Falcone, the famous private investigator, is dead. On a secluded private train filled exclusively with people from our fight against providence. Just what is going on here, 47? Detective Phineas Whitmer’s brother, Percy Whitmer has asked us to find and eliminate the murderer, after he found out via a phone call from his brother. So, 47. An exclusive train and a murder. I will leave you to prepare.


Details: wow, thats a lot of targets. Well not really, there’s only one but it’s randomised each playthrough. Furthermore, the murder mystery returns from Dartmoor but with a randomised murderer. I made this be full of characters from the WOA because I’m trying to make this a “Farewell” for it. This time on the Carpathian Mountains, you get to bring in items. The starting location is right next to Phineas Whitmer, who you’ll pacify to gain his disguise. Although, you do not need to become him. Investigating the bodies is considered suspicious but Whitmer’s disguise negates that. Most of the train has now been replaced by the Work/Sleep carts from the original train, because this is now a professional train driven by Tommy Maverick! Oh wait he’s dead… Dead bodies can typically be found in Science/outside carts but some are in locked passenger carts. Various NPCs are naturally in distress. For example, Hilda Sorbetto is mourning the loss of her husband, Dr. Singh. Because of the widespread panic, perhaps the people on the train won’t be so perceptive. Anyway, once you reach the end of the train, you see Tommy Maverick, the driver dead. Pull the lever at the end of the train, and you’ll discover a new location. A train station. No bigger than the size of the ICA facility maps or the house of Hawke’s Bay, of course and most passengers of the train leave the map. The train station has security guards but no area that the target visits is trespassing. And an alarm being raised will cause the target to escape. Now, back to the clues. Items related to the killer may be found. Cupcake crumbs for Helen West, a sniper ammo case for Karan Dhar, makeup smears for Helmut Kruger etc. But one mystery stand once the mission ends. Why were these people on the train? Why did they try to murder? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see, in my next series of Special Assignments, New Money. A Special Assignment for every map (perhaps without Sapienza) with new targets rising from the vacuum of power Providence left behind. Leave your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you next time in Miami, Florida.

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