Hitman 2

Special Assignment Concept: Hokkaido- Survivor’s Guilt

Hitman5 - Special Assignment Concept: Hokkaido- Survivor's Guilt

Synopsis- A high ranking, long-time American politician survived an assassination attempt- barely. After being stabilized, he was taken to the GAMA facility in Hokkaido to critical brain surgery and, pending the success of the procedure, the most advanced facial reconstruction in the world.

This is a lie.

The politician survived the assassination attempt with a minor graze to the head, a mere flesh wound.

The man undergoing surgery in GAMA is a victim of gang violence that the politician plucked from a local hospital, after having his patient records destroyed.

While the man is receiving state-of-the-art care at the most technically advanced medical facility in existence, this is a moot point as he is unwittingly posing as bait to satisfy the contract of the Assassin while the real target sips on Mimosas in a cozy bar just a few hundred feet away. The brain surgery was successful, the bullet was removed without permanent damage, and the facial reconstruction has begun.

The Politician's plan is to sacrifice the gang violence victim to the Assassin, then undergo facial reconstruction and assume a new identity to retire to a new life in an undisclosed location. He has already received an injection to temporarily stimulate the muscles and tissue in his face, creating an altered appearance – but this effect requires repeated injections to maintain.

This procedure is new to GAMA and is meant for patients to "try on" a new face before permanently committing to it via plastic surgery. So, the politician is not the only one receiving these injections.

The ICA does not have intel regarding the Politician's current appearance – this information will have to be acquired on site by 47.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Positively Identify the Politician
  2. Eliminate the Politician
  3. Prevent the Assassination of the Bait

Positively Identify the Politician: There are many ways to achieve positive ID on the Politician.

  1. Find and subdue the Assassin or foil his Assassination attempt in some other fashion to allow the Bait's facial reconstruction surgery to be finished, and the Politician will demand to visit the Bait, intending to kill him himself to tie up loose ends.
  2. Use the Camera's facial recognition software to scan individuals who match the original description of the Politician to some degree- the software will display a percentage match, and 47 can decide if an 85% match is enough to go by. GAMA has a strict "no camera" policy, so 47 will have to find ways around this – such as posing as a doctor and requesting to take file photos for the facial injection procedure, or just being sneaky.
  3. Hack into KAI and download the secured files regarding the Politician's injection procedure- these files should include photos of before and after.
  4. Acquire the Emergency Reversal Injection and inject a suspected target to undo the temporary facial construction, revealing their true face.
  5. Alternatively to #4, swap the reconstruction injection serum with the reversal serum and let the doctor do the work for you when the suspected target goes to get his renewal injection. This will only work once, however, as the doctor in question will face administrative review for the "mistake" and the renewal injections will be disposed of and replaced with secured doses to ensure the "mistake" doesn't happen again. If 47 gets the wrong person, he'll have to inject the others on his own. Maybe a dart gun can be utilized?
  6. The Sauna's heat will rapidly decay the effects of the reconstruction serum. The target may still use the Sauna, as long as the temperature is below the safe threshold. Increasing the heat above the threshold while the target is inside will send him scrambling for his renewal injection. Others will feel inconvenienced, but not panicked. (Note: The Sauna now has an emergency vent installed that will open if temperatures increase to dangerous levels, so nobody can be killed inside by the heat anymore)
  7. Even minor physical trauma to the face will rapidly decay the effects of the reconstruction serum. A snowball to the face may seem like innocent fun, but the "victim" may not realize that their face shape is changing back to normal. Of course, other objects can cause this as well – even a fist. If 47's in a hurry, he could always just run around punching suspected targets in the face to see if one changes into his target.


Eliminate the Politician: Again, multiple unique ways to achieve this, aside from all of the standard assassination methods.

  1. Pose as the doctor and inject him with poison when he comes in for his renewal injection. Better make sure you have the right guy. Emetic poison works here too, so you can drown him. Or swap the renewal serum with your poison of choice.
  2. Get rid of the Assassin and allow the Bait's facial surgery to be completed. Change the Bait's charts to have him moved to the wrong recovery room, then enter the originally intended recovery room and put on patient robes, then wrap your head in bandages. Wait for the Politician to come in to finish the job himself (since the Assassin was apparently a no-show). Take down the Politician while he monologues about his guilt for sacrificing an innocent man, but recognizing his own value to the world is much greater than some gang member.
  3. Delay the Assassin so he ends up in the recovery room to assassinate the bait just after the Politician shows up. The assassin will overhear the Politician "apologizing" to the Bait and realize the truth, and assassinate the Politician instead of The Bait. For extra good-guy points, forge a new surgery order on the Bait to have the facial reconstruction reversed and his original appearance restored.
  4. Identify the Assassin, find him in a public space, and talk to him. Tell him exactly what's going on, and provide him proof in the form of the data you stole from KAI. Then go have a beer while the problem sorts itself out. For extra good-guy points, forge a new surgery order on the Bait to have the facial reconstruction reversed and his original appearance restored.

Prevent the Assassination of The Bait: Eliminating the real target isn't enough; the anonymous client wants to right a wrong and therefore the Bait cannot be allowed to die.

  1. Find and stop the Assassin either through direct intervention, or by revealing the truth. If you're fast enough and can get around security, you can disable the Cable Car before it has a chance to retrieve the Assassin.
  2. Find and Eliminate the Politician before the Assassin has made their move, and make sure the death is public or his body is found (no matter how you kill him, this will still work). The Assassin will abort his mission due to the state of alert, and the truth of the Politician's fake identity will be exposed before the Assassin reattempts. (This allows you to quickly complete this mission if you so choose).

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