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(SPOILER) Missed Opportunities Isle of Sgail

Hitman5 - (SPOILER) Missed Opportunities Isle of Sgail

By accident I found out that you can throw the torch into the money pit, which is prepared for the ceremony, so it ignites it.

Unfortunately it doesn't force the Master of the Ceremony to start the ceremony. We know that he struggles to come down to the ceremony because he is so nervous to fail. But it would be a very nice addition / opportunity to start the ceremony without the needed disguise by throwing the torch into the money pit so the Master feels forced to start it. If you throw the torch you will get the attention of the civilians around you but if you run away quickly enough it won't effect SA.

Unfortunately in total I gotta say that despite the fact that Isle of Sgail is a very nice designed and also beautiful map it lacks of opportunities. I feel like IOI didn't think it completely through. Moreover the Washington's aren't interesting targets. Nevertheless the there are some nice ideas with the ceremony, Janus' funeral, Iron Maiden kill and the interrogation kill. 11 assassinations are also a very low number, which stresses my point of view. The other maps had a lot of more. Especially Whittleton Creek is very small compared to Isle of Sgail and had like 20 assassinations if I remember it correctly.


Maybe the following is possible but I was just too stupid to find it out. Please correct me if I am wrong: Another thing I wanna add is that we can disable the security system for the necklace and steal it. I think it doesn't force Blake Nathaniel to go to Sophia and start a fight. Another opportunity would be if Zoe sees the missing necklace before Nathaniel, she could go to her sister and talk about whether she stole it. I think she just mumbles like 'Oh Sophia, what did you do?' but she doesn't do anything after it. Another unused opportunity.

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I had a couple of more ideas for Isle of Sgail but I forgot to write them down.

In summary I would say Isle of Sgail could be a lot better than it is by now. Let me know what you think and what your thoughts and ideas are to improve Isle of Sgail.

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