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Story: Hitman 3 Theories

Hitman2 - Story: Hitman 3 Theories

I could be wrong, but this sub doesn’t seem that invested in the lore/story of the Hitman series. And that’s fine I guess. It’s not exactly known for its story but I feel like it had the potential to be something at some point.

I guess Absolution didn’t help with that.

I’m a story person, personally. I love stories. They were my main reason for playing games to begin with. They were interactive movies to me. (Before that became an actual genre like Indigo Prophecy/Heavy Rain/Beyond/Detroit/Life is Strange/Walking Dead etc)

So with all that said, I’ve been pretty invested with the Hitman story since the beginning of the series. And it seems like the writers themselves are building it up to be big from a story point of view, though it largely seems underwhelming to the majority, I think.

I still think it could be presented better, feels too James Bond when I’d rather it feel more gritty and dark like Contracts.

I was just wondering to the people who care or are remotely interested in the story, does anyone have any theories regarding Hitman 3?

Here are my main theories.

Someone major is gonna die

With the way things are currently going, Under the assumption that 47 survives season 3, I think Diana or Lucas Grey is gonna kick the bucket. I feel like it HAS to happen and that is has to be one of the other, or both. I don’t think they both can co-exist together in 47’s life. They both fill the same role in his life. Olivia Hall is a bit of a wild card. If Lucas goes, she will likely go too, however, it gets a bit complicated with my next theory.

Diana Burnwood. Lucas Grey. Olivia Hall. Not only will at least one of them betray 47, At least one of them will be a target. Or even the final target.

The big question here is – where will the series go moving forward? Will it maintain the status quo with 47 and Diana, or will 47 move forward with his long lost “brother”? Or even perhaps by himself?


Diana has been 47’s companion since the beginning of the series. Whether you’re new to the Hitman games or have been playing since the beginning, you’ve heard her voice more than anyone elses. More than 47 himself. They have saved each other multiple times. But thanks to a new plot line and info from the comics… not only does Diana have a darker side and a dark past… 47 was the one who caused it. This could strengthen their relationship… or derail it completely.

Diana is highly intelligent. More than she lets on or is shown. And while I’ve only read the first issue of the Agent 47 comics (which are canon), it is shown that she is highly manipulative and will gladly use people to get what she wants. In fact, it’s how she got to where she is. Not to mention, at one point during her youth, she was a capable fighter able to take down a guy twice her size.

“You can gasp on the shore and die or you evolve, develop the tools to survive and use them. Like people. Everyone is the nail when you’re the hammer. People are infinitely useful.” – Diana Burnwood (Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman issue #1)

Does Diana have dark intentions that have been hidden this whole time? Or will her finding out that 47 and Grey killed her parents push her over the edge? Maybe she’s already known. When Lucas Grey talks to her about her parents death in the cutscene before The Ark Society, she glares toward Grey and says “I like to think that no one is untouchable.” She knows 47 better than anyone else, and was once his target before. If 47 wanted her dead, she would not be an easy target. She has the connections, the intelligence, and a understated ability to manipulate.


This plot point of 47 and Grey killing her parents was introduced in the comic a year before Hitman season 2 was released. I don’t know what will happen for sure, but I do know it will definitely be a major component in season 3. It s being built up for a reason.

Will she forgive 47? Will she opt for revenge? Has she known this whole time and been a large manipulator of events? Or has she just been sitting on it, unsure of what to do? She drugged 47 in Blood Money against his will and without his knowledge or consent and revived him, locking him in a gated church with His silver ballers against an army of armed men. Was it because she knew he was capable? Or was it a gamble? Did she do it because The franchise would be caught off guard and it would give 47 the chance to live, or was she just doing it to save her own ass with no regard to 47?

Her bond with 47 is undeniable, but, could she be colder than 47 himself? Would she throw that away without second thought if her goals no longer aligned with his? You could ask the same of 47.

Lucas Grey

While a relatively new character, Lucas is 47’s past. He’s his long lost “brother” who were both determined to destroy the institution that created them. He spent his life running from providence. And now, he will do anything to destroy them, and has gotten 47 on his crusade. He is also shown to be a manipulator. How much does he really care for 47? More than anything else, his mission is what matters to him. How much would he sacrifice to ensure Providence is defeated?

Admittedly I have less to say about him than Diana, but mainly because thus far, his character is fairly straightforward and there is less info about him. (Excluding anything that’s made known in the comics that I have yet to read) His end game and what he wants is clear. But how he is willing to go about it, is not.

Olivia Hall

She is Lucas Grey’s sidekick. She is Diana to Lucas’s 47, in a way. Even less is known about her. And that is what makes her dangerous. She is the true wild card. She could easily be working for Providence or coerced into working for them. Or she could become 47’s greatest ally. Or the weak link in this 4 man team that leads to their fall.

Honestly, if I had to rate who would most likely betray him with the way the story is going, it would be Diana, Olivia, and Lucas least likely. I feel as if it’s a tie between Diana and Olivia. The fact that we know so little about Olivia is what makes her exceedingly untrustworthy… While Diana has the most motive but it almost seems too obvious. As for Grey, he’s gone through too much trouble to take down Providence just to be a traitor, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own personal motives beyond taking down Providence.

Keep in mind, The constant tells 47 in the HItman season 3 trailer “You have found yourself alone”… before panning to a shot of Lucas looking out of a building then to a long shot of Diana turning and facing the camera…. kinda puts a sinister vibe in the trailer with all this stuff in mind

This team will not last one way or another. There will be conflict. And I believe it will be conflict from within whether Providence is directly involved or not.

But yeah that’s my really long winded theory that I probably put way too much time into but I got nothing else to do today 😅

Tl;Dr: Someone is gonna betray 47 and they will be a target. Bare minimum, two people on Team 47 will die.

Anyone else got any theories?

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