Hitman 2

Striker Dash: A madman’s take on the Sticky Pistol Challenge

Hitman4 - Striker Dash: A madman's take on the Sticky Pistol Challenge

Imagine…news of a gun toting maniac running around the streets. The guards draw their weapons, imagining a huge firefight, but they didn't expect the highly trained assassin to do the one thing he does best.


This is a low % speedrun with 2 targets: lowest amount of time with the pistol unequipped AND lowest amount of non-target kills.

So yes, this challenge tests if you know how to run from a firefight, which rooms are best to run to to avoid guards and how fast you can get in and out of a room. I dreamt this up after the excruciating process of earning El Matador, and by golly gee I'm gonna use it.


  1. Start the level on Professional Difficulty. You can start anywhere (but preferably the starting location), and you must have a pistol on you (any other gear is fine).

  2. When the level starts, equip a non-silenced pistol before moving. In the spirit of the challenge, equip The Striker or El Matador (the loudest pistols in the game) if you have it.

  3. At ANY point of time that the pistol is unequipped, including the pistol being grayed out, the timer starts counting. This means that using any other item will be counted into the "non-pistol time", and so does using keys or keycards. This also affects disguising, hiding and climbing, but vaulting and ledging won't (hint hint).

  4. Kill as few people as possible. If possible, kill only the targets. It is possible to incapacitate someone with a pistol without killing them, but in the spirit of the challenge, you can try it without doing so as well.

  5. And of course, all targets must be killed by Pistol.

Optional Complications:

  • Starting Location Only

  • Suit Only

  • No Destroying of Camera Evidence

  • No Pacifications/Bodyshots

  • Accident Kills Only/No Accident Kills

  • No Cheese (I have personally avoided easy speedrun tactics and using pistol shots as distractions because a lot of SA speedruns can do this with silenced pistols. Probably impossible if they use the Striker/El Matador)

  • Master Difficulty (probably impossible)

  • Silent Assassin (definitely impossible)

I've been trying Santa Fortuna, and my highscore is 00:05:41 with 7 seconds of non-pistol time, 0 non-target kills, no pacifications. My run: Run to the left, next to the sleeping musician, and wait for Andrea Martinez to walk out of her office. Shoot her and run straight to the mansion. Climb up the wall and down the ladder (my non-pistol time), and run up the side staircase where Rico should be admiring the area outside the walk-in wardrobe. Shoot him and run down the staircase. Head to the iron gate that leads to the coca fields and shoot the door open. Run in and hide among the crops, find Jorge and shoot him. Escape by the helicopter I've been trying to get a video of it, but it's pretty difficult.

I also started with Miami, and I remember doing a run with 0 seconds of non-pistol time and 2 non-target kills. But completing it properly should be pretty easy if you cheese it by running to the overpass and shooting Sierra's car, entering the door on the left that leads to the convention center and shoot Robert as he's coming down from the stairs, escaping by helipad

Also, I don't have Hitman 3 yet but Dubai should be


Have fun!

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