Hitman 2

Subreddit Update – Rules and Consistency

Hitman3 - Subreddit Update - Rules and Consistency

Hello, subscribers to Hitman! I'm pre4edgc, one of the moderators here. I wanted to make sure to provide you with an update to the continuing improvements we're making to the subreddit.

Due to issues we've had recently with how inconsistent our moderating policies are, we've decided to move forward with the rule changes we've wanted to do for a while in order to ensure quality posting on the subreddit. First, I'd like to address memes. Memes have been a big part of the subreddit, and not many would like to see them go, but through some data we collected a few months back, memes were by far the least desired content on the subreddit. In order to address this (but without doing away without them entirely), we've decided to institute a Meme Monday, a single day of the week for posting memes (inside of a megathread). Memes outside of that day will be removed, but encouraged to be posted on HitmanMemes, or posted in the comments on a relevant post. For now, we'll be in a trial period to see how engagement fairs in the subreddit afterward, and will adjust the rule accordingly if it turns out to be negative. We're hoping this change will improve the quality of the content in the subreddit, allowing more content to focus on gameplay, news, discussions, and strategies rather than just on humor and memes.


We've removed a few rules, as you may have noticed, but be wary that these rules are still in effect, just blanket covered by a single rule rather than separated into their own rules. For example, Low-Effort and Bald Head rules are now fully encompassed by the Low-Effort rule (and partially by the Meme rule). Rude to IOI employees and Reddiquette are now encompassed by the Flaming/Abusive Behavior rule. There are the same number of rules, but we're hoping by clarifying them in this way that we have an improved way for reports and content to be streamlined.

We'll be getting more strict with some content, but more loose with other content in exchange. In doing so, we're hoping this sub will be more focused on Hitman the game and less on Hitman the concept. We will be accepting criticism and will be welcome to change, so if there's anything you'd like to tell us (good or bad, we don't mind), please feel free to do so in the comments, and we'll take it into account if we need to create revisions in this new ruleset.

This ruleset will go into full effect on Monday, so no posts made before then will be subject to removal or revision until then. Please expect the Meme Monday Megathread to be posted and please post all memes in there from this point on.

Thank you everyone for bearing with us through these tumultuous changes, and we all hope you enjoy!

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