Hitman 2

Suits, a love story

Hitman5 - Suits, a love story

Howdy y'all.

Yes, it's me, the guy obsessed with suits in Hitman 2 (or as I like to call it, Confident Man Simulator 2018).

I have a few suggestions that I think would benefit the players experience in a minor way (let's be honest: me, it would benefit me). We all know IOI is really busy at the moment and I have zero expectations. All I want is to entertain myself a bit, have a nice conversation with my fellow Hitman players and share my ideas. If it so happens that IOI stumble on this post and take the feedback to improve their game, all the better. If not, it doesn't matter. So let us be pleasant and courteous!

Without further ado, here's a few suggestions that I have if things I'd like to see implemented in the future. This is strictly concerning the only important thing in the game: suits.

Unlockable location suits (when reaching maximum Mastery). This has been asked before. I think it would be a neat little reward and I disagree with the fact that it would remove the incentive to complete ETs. For many players, myself included, the gloves make all the difference and we all strive to complete and unlock as much as possible. Beside, doing this would also mean we could unlock the wetsuit as well as the training suit.

Merge suits with and without gloves in the inventory selection. Make it so that using the D-pad (for exemple) toggles them off or on, and make sure to force the game to register which one you toggled last this way you don't have to toggle it all the time if you favour one variant over the other. This would help remove the clutter from the inventory. Combined with my previous request it would also allow some of us to use the suburban suit with whichever glove we fancy, or to remove the hat from the tactical gear.


Add tabs to the suits inventory. As it stands right now, we are getting more and more suits which is great but navigating through that menu is also becoming more and more of a hassle. Maybe implement something like:

Classic (Signature Suit, Blood Money Suit, Absolution Suit, Classic Suit, Requiem Suit, Phantom Suit, The Undying Look, Suburban Suit, Winter Suit, Black Winter Suit).

Casual (Italian suit, Casual Suit, Summer Suit, Florida Fit, Casual Tourist, The New Yorker, Midnight Suit, Cowboy Suit).

Formal (Imperial Classic, Tuxedo, Tuxedo with Mask, Yukata).

Tactical (Training Gear, Snow Suit, Tactical Gear, Raven Suit, Casual Undercover, Wetsuit).

Other (Terminus Suit, Winter Sport Suit, Clown Suit, Santa 47, Flamingo Suit, Ninja Suit , Kane and Lynch, Freedom Fighter).

I am not 100% certain about the Formal and Casual tab. 47's idea of casual dressing isn't exactly representative of how the rest of us plebeians dress up. Nevertheless, I am pretty onboard with the idea and I am sure it can be done better.

Add gloves to the midnight suit and the cowboy suit. This is definitely the most crucial, the most needed change. It's not a tweak, it's a fix. The absence of gloves means the game is literally unplayable.

That's pretty much everything I have in mind. Whenever I look at my suit collection, I feel pride.

Is there anything else you'd like to see implemented or any ideas you have regarding the suits? I'd like to hear it.

Remember to dress to kill, fellow Hitmen.

PS: thank you for giving us the New Yorker with gloves IOI, much appreciated.

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