Hitman 2

Target Concepts

Hitman2 - Target Concepts

The Trafficker

Mysterious German criminal mastermind Bartold Von Fletzlingen. Involved in drug smuggling, gun-running and people trafficking activities. Highly implied to be a former Nazi soldier.

The Agent

Scottish MI6 agent Adelaide Mooring, leading the hunt for Bartold Von Fletzlingen. A year ago, Mooring’s sister Alyssa was kidnapped by Von Fletzlingen’s syndicate and despite her best efforts to find her, remains unfound. Hell-bent on finding Von Fletzlingen and exacting her revenge, Mooring has resorted to immoral tactics, such as torturing and murdering civilians, to get information. Regardless, she has made excellent progress on the Von Fletzlingen case, so MI6 is keeping her on it.

The Old Soldier

103 year old Akihiro Morikawa was an officer in the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII. Unable to accept that his country has lost the war, he became a serial killer. To this date, he has committed 102 murders throughout Asia. His weapon of choice is a guntō, but he does use a pistol, knives and even his bare hands if he needs to.

The Privateer

Royal Navy Admiral Richard Shellford. Has a lucrative sideline raiding cargo ships across the Caribbean.

The Schoolboy

In 2000, 19 year old Nathan Larson shot up Pine Hill High School, killing 9. He was arrested, but then covertly recruited by the CIA and sent on suicide mission to Iraq. It turns out that handing a school shooter important intel and weapons was an awful idea, as Larson went rogue and now works as a freelance hitman.


The Serial Killer

Scotswoman Bridgette Snellgrove was sexually abused by her father as a child. As an adult, she uses her job as a wedding planner to murder grooms, killing 20 men to date. Her method of choice is poisoning, but she strangled just one of her victims, James Searson, to death.

The Leprechaun

3’0 Irish information broker Alexander O’Donoghue. His business skyrocketed after the fall of IAGO.

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The Miner

Texan mining magnate Fred Sincock , CEO of Astral Minerals Mining Companies. To covertly murder a whistleblower, he orchestrated a collapse at one of his mines, killing 125 of his workers. One of the workers happened to be Bethany Lyons, the fiancée of Owen Henderson, the grandson of Alexandra Hall, the US Ambassador to Italy.

The Demon Tongue

Saudi Arabian terrorist Arafaat el-Malak. He has served as advisor and liaison to numerous terrorist groups.

The Legionnaire

Italian hitman Benigno Signorino.

The Frosted Heart

Siberian hitman Radomir Czajkowski.

The Monster

English hitman Alexander Kneller.

The Storm

Scottish hitman Marcus MacFarlane.

The Brightflayer

American hitwoman Mercy Wilson.

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