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[Testing] New HiTMAN 2 free-camera mode solution. Now 47 can move independently from the camera!

Hitman2 - [Testing] New HiTMAN 2 free-camera mode solution. Now 47 can move independently from the camera!

Hello everyone!

Before you start reading, please be aware, that this may not work on your computer.
I'm even not sure if it will work on any different computer than mine.
That's why I would like you to test it and let me know.

As some of you know, players who use NVIDIA can use Ansel to move the camera a little and take screenshots. It's cool, but there are more demanding users, like me. So I was looking for a way to fully unlock the camera like in Hitman: Blood Money or previous titles. There was no easy solution.

The only thing I found was a walk-around using Ansel. Using this: https://www.hitmanforum.com/t/hitman-2-free-cam-finally-possible-nvidia-only/39194 you can fly around the map and pause/unpause the game. But it wasn't something I wanted to use while creating HiTMAN the cinematic movie. Why? You couldn't move 47 while in Ansel mode, and when you disable Ansel the camera returns to the original position.

So, I started creating my own free-cam mode. I spent several days, but with God's help and a bit of luck (and I was nearly to forget about this project) … I FOUND THE WAY to move the camera and 47 at the same time. (See the video)

For now, you can lock the camera angles and move 47 independently. In the future, I want to add other features like pause, maybe even I'll manage to disable all HUD items.


Game Version: 2.72.0
Maps: training missions + World of Tomorrow, but other missions should work as well.

1) You need to download CheatEngine.
2) Download the cheat table from here.
3) Run the game, open CheatEngine
4) Go to File–>Open Process–>Select HITMAN 2–>Open
5) Click on the yellow folder (top-left) and open the cheat table


Now, below you see some items, I'll describe it briefly

Freeze CamPos X – Forward, backward movement blocker
Freeze CamPos Y – Left, right movement blocker
Freeze CamPos Z – Up, down movement blocker
Select all to freeze the camera completely.

Freeze CamRotation – This blocks all rotation using your mouse, BUT ALSO you cannot move 47 with your mouse so you are stuck with your keyboard. Still, it's better than nothing ;).

Freeze Character – It blocks 47. You can still see his animation, but he walks without moving a bit. Unfortunately, the camera freezes as well allowing you to only rotate around one point. You can use it to record some creative starting scenes (as I presented at the beginning of the video).

You can move the camera around (X, Y, Z) using your keyboard. It's not smooth and I don't think there is a way to make it smooth (any code injection experts here?). You should use the Ansel solution for that.

You cannot move your mouse, select a destination, and fly towards. You can only move around using game-world coordinates. IT may be possible to achieve that effect like in Ansel, but I'm too stupid to do that.

Num 8 – Forward
Num 5 – Backward
Num 4 – Left
Num 6 – Right
Num 7 – Down
Num 9 – Up

Num 1 – Toggle block X
Num 2 – Toggle block Y
Num 3 – Toggle block Z
Num 0 – Toggle rotation block


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