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The Canon way that Agent 47 most likely killed his Targets in Hitman 3.

Hitman1 - The Canon way that Agent 47 most likely killed his Targets in Hitman 3.

Dubai – I would say that He's got Grey to talk to them before killing them, this is one of my favorite Assassinations in the entire trilogy and just because they must have been terrified in their last moments. I would say this is the canon way due to it being the best way for Grey to get his revenge, it's fit the story, and is pretty much the best assassination in Dubai due to it being so different from the others.

England – I can't really say on this one unless you guys have some suggestions, the one above is likely canon due to it fitting in with the story, this one I would say he's got her to commit suicide after investigating the entire mansion for clues, this is one of the best Assassinations in the entire WOA Trilogy or Hitman in general since we never could get a target to kill themselves, Reynard is more like a bug, she doesn't kill herself on purpose. I would say the investigation way is the most canon, due to it being the longest, and most story driven. So I would say he's gets madam to kill Herself.

Berlin – Anyway is possible with this one, there's probably no canon way on this one. Just that Agent 47 manages to take down a entire team of ICA Agents, I feel 5 is the max they could put them and didn't want to make it a bad map by having too many Targets, but I feel That Agent 47 takes them all down, it's just feels the most badass, and proves the ICA made a terrible mistake trying to kill their best Agent with some less experience Agents. But still this one is for the player to Decide, can't really say on this one since, with the Partners its a lot different since their side was way more story driven so it obvious which one it might be.


Chongqing – This one is likely has no canon way or doesn't matter, but I can't really say for this one. He's could take them both out with 1 Sniper shot possibly, but this one probably can be Anyway.

Mendoza – This One definitely no doubt has to be Diana killing Yates, this one is definitely the most story driven out of the other 5 levels, plus Agent 47 needs to save Diana, this one is definitely the canon way, plus he's changes into his suit after the mission, he's changes into his suit in this mission pretty much, so this is very likely the canon way. They pretty much underestimated Agent 47 again.

Romania – Not really sure, the only way we can know is in the next Hitman game, but he's might not kill Edwards, this is his biggest target, and erasing his memory just feels like the better option for some reason. But we have to see.

The Asylum ending is a Easter Egg, A route they likely would take. This series really gets change with the new ending and they can go anywhere after the ending with Agent 47 having his emotions and freedom to do what he's whats. So we have to see, maybe he's doesn't kill Edwards, who's knows but all we know is that he's pretty much still dies either way, He's just need up being a nobody in a Asylum himself or just end up living on the street not knowing he's was the most powerful man in the world, I feel this is a way better punishment instead of death, he's actually didn't want this to happen and killing him just doesn't feel satisfying enough in my opinion.

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