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The case for another Sapienza side mission: A Big Fat Italian Wedding

Hitman5 - The case for another Sapienza side mission: A Big Fat Italian Wedding

Like many of us, I think Sapienza is one of the best maps in the franchise. It's large, has multiple relatively self-contained areas (the church area, town square area, the mansion) and in general the map is loaded with DLC opportunities.

Yet, I've noticed that apart from escalations/elusive targets, Silvio's mansion has never been used by the devs for a DLC/bonus mission like The Icon, Landslide, and the one with the book reading at the church (I forget the name). There's an entire third of the map that remains consistently unused by the devs despite its quality.

So, my idea for another little Sapienza mission is thus: an evening wedding at the mansion!

You've got suited private security at the gates, the ruins, and patrolling the grounds. You can steal an invite from someone in the town square bathrooms, or sneak in and take a guest or guard or servant disguise. The guests are primarily located towards the back of the property (garden/veranda/patio/observatory), with bedrooms and other private locations off-limits to all disguises except for guards, staff, Silvio, and the targets and their families.

The targets? A young, wealthy couple looking to tie the knot before an adoring crowd of friends, and donors to their criminally-implicated Blackwater-like PMC. Of course, the main event isn't until later in the evening, so you have time to investigate, prepare, and execute.

The bride and groom will spend the beginning of their loops together in the garden, looking the part of a happy couple, mingling, meeting, etc. Then they separate, with the bride remaining in the garden area, and the groom heading down to the cavern, where the Ether lab has been replaced by a bachelor party complete with dancers, cocktail waitresses, and partying men.

Now, onto opportunities. You can isolate and eliminate the targets via the standard methods, or you can get achievements for the following:

Eliminating both targets with a cannon as they trade vows

Electrocute both targets on the wet grass as they trade vows (extra achievement if done as the priest)

Snipe both targets at the same time as they trade vows

Poison both target's champagne glasses as they toast after trading vows (extra achievement if done as the priest)

Use a propane canister to kill them at the outdoor fireplace (like the Silvio elimination from WoT)

Reveal to the bride that there's a bachelor party, and she goes down to confront the groom. This causes everyone to leave the cave, giving you an opportunity to perhaps kill them with a single stalactite, or perhaps by blowing up a space heater.


ALTERNATIVELY, you can choose to let the argument play out, which ends with uncertainty as the bride says she needs to rethink things. She calls her father to meet her at the ruins for a cigarette, and to talk to him about the groom. He will start walking there, but she will get their first. You can either plant a joint at the ruins, which she will smoke and be eliminated, or take her father's disguise and push her off the tower.

If you choose to follow the groom, he will retreat to De Santis's room from WoT (easily repurposed as the bride and groom's suite), where he will compulsively drink (another poisoning opportunity) until the bride returns from her talk with dad, intent on healing things… or not. Take the groom's disguise and do what 47 does best.

Ideally the observatory would have guest inside checking out the telescope/plague doctor outfit. I suppose you could try and kill a target by dropping the chandalier.

Take the role of photographer and take pictures of the bride and groom at the veranda. Ask to take solo shots, have them turn around to face the sea, and push them over the edge one after the other.

And lastly (though I welcome all suggestions), Silvio himself can be seen looping through the grounds and the mansion. You can steal his disguise and kill them at a meeting in one of the mansion's private rooms, or give him evidence showing that the couple have been overcharging him for the PMC services, which will cause him to murder them by blowing up their seaplane as they leave for their honeymoon.

And a lastly-last idea: custom suits and unlockables. Example: Italian tuxedo, hipster photographer, Italian clown-juggler (the guy down by the beach in WoT entertaining tourists has been hired for the event). Perhaps that lawyer from Landslide has been invited as well.


Private security guard

Elite PSG

Silvio Caruso

The Priest

The Clown

The Plague Doctor




Mansion butler

The Lawyer

Wedding guest


The Photographer

Musician (reusing the disguise from Sgail, only without the eyes covered).

I don't have H3 yet, so if there are other disguise ideas from that game, please let me know.

Oh, and extra: Jason Portman is there complaining about the hors d'oeuvres.

Alright! That's my idea. I'm open to suggestions, criticisms, etc.

Edit 1: I forgot to mention that they could reuse the singer from Landslide as the wedding singer


Male wedding singer disguise?

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