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In this post I will try to give you the shortest summary that I can make for the entire Hitman series so far (only the PC games not the novels). Please read this carefully and let me know if there are any mistakes! Lets begin!

There are 8 PC games so far in the Hitman series. If we want to place them in chronological order they will go like this. Note I will rename each game as their current names can get a bit confusing…

Hitman 1 = Codename 47

Hitman 2 = Silent Assassin

Hitman 3 = Contracts

Hitman 4 = Blood Money

Hitman 5 = Absolution

Hitman 6 = Hitman 1 (2016)

Hitman 7 = Hitman 2 (2018)

Hitman 8 = Hitman 3 (2021)


Our story begins with the creation of a deep state meta government agency called The Providence that has the power to influence world wide afairs. Providence is made up by 3 people called The Partners and a facilitator known as The Constant who is running the show. But since only the Constant knows the names and identities of the 3 Partners they (the Partners) have placed a chip inside the Constant's neck to keep him "in line".

Hitman 1: Codename 47

One of Providence plans is to create super-human agents by the act of cloning. They assign this to 5 scientists that work for Providence called The 5 Fathers ( Dr. Ort-Meyer, Lee Hong, Pablo Belisario, Franz Fuchs, and Arkadij Jegorov ). They all donate their DNA to create clones of superhuman abilities.

They make their clones in a disclosed facility in Romania. That's where Mr 47 and all the other clones where made, raised and trained. We know little of Mr 47's childhood… But he used to have a friend called Lucas Grey (later on he will appear as "The shadow client") that was also a clone and (as kids) he and Mr 47 managed to escape the facility but were quickly recaptured and brought back… Mr 47's memory was wiped out then as a punishment.

After some years, Providence wants all 5 Fathers to be eliminated.

In the meantime 47 manages to escape the facility again (and now for good), and he is now homeless and broke. He tries to get employed as an agent in the ICA (international contract's agency (or "The agency")) that is currently seeking for new people. Dr Ort Meyer (who also wants all the rest of the 4 Fathers dead) will use his influence in ICA sending 47 on a killing spree against them!

47 indeed becomes and agent for the ICA, where he meets with a Woman named Diana that helps him pass all the necessary tests that the former Director of the ICA Erich Soders has designed for him.

After 47 kills 4 of the 5 Fathers he learns the truth about his past and kills Ort-Meyer too. Unknowingly fulfilling Providence's plan by eliminating all of the 5 Fathers just like they wanted. Of course 47 has no idea that Providence even exists; Providence will keep having close eye on 47, monitoring his every move.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

After spending some years as a legendary hitman, 47 decided to leave his life as a contract killer and retreated to a Sicilian church owned by Father Emilio Vittorio

47 though has a "genetic uncle" called Sergei Zavorotko that is also a brother to one of 47s previous victims… Sergei makes nuclear weapons deals for the UN and hires a man as his advisor. That man (probably a member of Providence) is called Mr. X or "Mystery Man" since his real name is still unknown to us… Mr. X helps Sergei to make his weapon deals but when he learns that 47 exists and he is still alive he persuades Sergei to make a plan to kill 47 and since Sergei and Mr.X also want to buy nuclear weapons from the black market they come with the following plan:

They will persuade a mafia lord called Giuseppe Guillani to kidnap father Vittorio from the chappel. That will put Mr 47 in their hands. In order for 47 to resque father Vittorio they will send him (47) to kill both Giuseppe Guillani and all the rest of the members that got involved into the Nuclear weapons dealership and after nobody remains they will kill Mr 47 aswell.

The plan works and 47 kills them all but he also finds out about Mr. x and Sergei's plan, so he kills Sergei too. At this point 47 realises that becoming a Hitman for the ICA is his destiny…

Hitman 3 and 4: Contracts and Blood Money

Around the same time a rival company called The Franchise acquires samples of Ort-Meyer's DNA and make their own cloning program with plans to monopolize on the DNA. Franchise (and their clones) attacks 47 and the ICA. 47 becomes an ICA agent again and with the help of Diana they make up a cunning plan to destroy the Franchise.


They fake 47's death and they call all Franchise members to join 47's funeral to witness 47's death for themselves. But 47 isn't dead, he is sedated and Diana (that is a double agent on both the Franchise and the ICA) wakes up Mr 47 with a antidote to the sedative from her lips (after kissing him and handing him 2 silverballers at his death bed). 47 stands up and kill all Franchise members. The Franchise is finished and ICA monopolizes on the DNA and retakes the global killing, clonning and weapon's market.

Hitman 5: Absolution

The ICA now create their own cloning program, making a female clone named Victoria.

When Dianna finds out about this, she resques Victoria from the hands of the ICA and they escape.

ICA sends Mr 47 himself to kill Diana and retrieve Victoria. Mr 47 finds Diana and shoots her but doesn't kill her; After 47 finnaly learns the truth, he saves Diana and helps Victoria to not become like him. 47 betrays the ICA by taking down anyone who wants to obtain Victoria. At the end 47 kills all criminal organizations and their leaders and all the people in charge for Victoria's creation. Victoria is now placed in safety and 47 is re-employed in the ICA.

Hitman 6: Hitman 1 (2016)

After these events Lucas Grey (47s childhood friend) comes into the scene as a "Shadow Client" for the ICA. He creates a contract for 47 to travel to Paris and kill 2 leaders of a Spy Network Organization that have a "list" of many world wide secrets (mainly Providence members) and plan to sell that "list" to the highest bidder. Lucas (the Shadow Client) obtains that list before 47 though… And he sends 47 in a killing spree against many members of Providence, 47 of course has no idea that Providence even exists; and he caries out his task as planned by Lucas… With every target 47 kills, Lucas becomes more powerfull and rich…

When the ICA finds out about the situation, they want Lucas Grey dead. 47 finds out that Providence was monitoring all his life and fears that he is their next target… After this the former ICA director Erich Soders (that we mentioned earlier) makes a deal with Providence to let them know the location of all active ICA agents in exchange for saving 47's life. But 47 doesn't like that idea and kills Soders instead to protect ICA and their agents.

After that a Providence member meets with Diana he offers that if they help them capture Lucas Grey they will help Mr 47 regain his childhood memories.

Hitman 7: Hitman 2 (2018)

Diana agrees and 47 is able pin down Lucas Grey in a broken down facility in Romania (the same facility that 47 was born and raised by Ort-Meyer). Lucas reveals at Mr 47 that Dr Ort Meyer was working with Providence all along and he (Lucas) wants to take Providence down.

47 brings the information (and Lucas) to Diana and they are able to regain his childhood memories back. 47 remembers that he with Grey escaped the facility when they were kids and after that his memory was wiped out as a punishment. He also remembers that the 1st Constant's name is Janus (a former KGB legendary cold war spy master). 47 teams up with Lucas to bring down Providence. In the meantime Diana is able to convince Providence that they are still working together but in reality the ICA and Lucas are working together to destroy Providence.

Hitman eliminates Janus. Later a ceremonial funeral for Janus is held at the Isle of Sgàil where the new Constant Arthur Edwards is in attendance. Mr 47 joins the funeral and kidnaps the new Constant. After they interrogate him he reveals how Providence came into existence:

…3 major families worked together, becoming eventually the partners are dictating world events thanks to their wealth and influence… Now its 47's job to find them. The new Constant also reveals that 47 had killed Diana's parents unknowingly in the past when they (Diana and ICA) tried to seek justice against Providence for the death of their son…


Hitman 6+7 DLCs

The partners now scared by the kidnapping of their new Constant, have faked their own deaths but 47 finds they actually live in an island oasis – where they were able to change their identities and their faces. 47 finds them and kills them.

At the end of Hitman 7 the new Constant Arthur Edwards finds a way to escape (probably) with the help of Lucas Grey (?) that may had this planned out all along!… Or maybe now, we don't actualy know yet…! But that's where Hitman 7 ends and Hitman 8 begins! So lets all play and find out 🙂

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