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Most likely Hitman 3 is done production and waiting for release. I can't friggin wait to play this game! The new series has just been getting better and better along the way so I'm sure that they will absolutely kill it on the last game of this trilogy.

With that said It seems sort of pointless to write a wish list of features/ map location and gameplay additions that I would like to see considering it will probably be some time before we see another Hitman title after the release of Hitman 3. Still… I have all these great ideas and opinions, and I have to put them somewhere.

Here is a short list of some things that I would love to see in future of this stellar series.

1) Maps:

*On the set of a reality show. Consider something like Surivor or Big Brother show. Maybe in Africa or Papa Newgina. The target would be a contestant on this show.

*A remote village somewhere in Scandinavia. Consider the film Midsomer. (An omage even) A cult like religious community. Maybe as in the film drugs play factor causing 47 to have a hallucinatory experience out in the woods/ farm. Or possibly somewhere less nefarious like an American Amish community.

*An IKEA! please god give us 47 in an IKEA like store or part of a shopping mall even in Hitman 3. Wasted opportunity if not considered that IOI general map design has been compared to the layout of the stores. Ie: a Snail House.

*Southern California- an evangelical mega church made entirely of glass.

*Downtown Tokyo at night. Ultra modern with an almost bladerunner like flare would be the coolest thing ever. Consider the verticality: penthouse rooftops to underground subways.

2) Elemental gameplay.

*What if you start a fire or set off a bomb and the fire spread destroying trees and foliage that was your cover? What if elements like an out of control fire completely changed the map that just started in.

*What if rain started up mid way through a map/assassination? Maybe it picks up into a storm and soon blocks off certain roads or causing shops to close early, thus blocking off previously open doorways and entrances for 47 so that you have to replant your route.

*What if snowfall or fog were to realistically affect visibility and gameplay?

Think about the possibilities this cause create for rach location, and replayability in general.


3) Rewarding a sometimes more violent gameplay approach

The biggest problem I have with the new Hitman series is that only one kind of gameplay is truly encouraged (based on the highest score) and that is of course the sleath approach… I get that sleath is the name of the game and can be the most challenging but then don't give me an arsenal of guns and bombs and give me a shitty score if I use them.

My point is not that IOI should take away from an encouraged sleathy gameplay.. afterall that is Hitman, but let's introduce a new incentive for those of us who like to get our hands dirty.. john wick style.

Introducing Extraction mode. When shit hit the fan and your perfectly plan mission goes FUBAR, you have one goal in mind- to get out alive… by even means necessary.

Remember the health injection in Blood Money? Being that back in the form of an ICA black market adreacheome injection. 10 seconds of invincibility.

Maybe in this mode to increase the stakes, if you fail, that particular level will be locked out to play for a full 24 hours something like that. Maybe the player creates his own time limit based on how die-hard he or she is. 1 hour up to 1 whole day of lock out.

In this way who would plan a level with survival in mind.

Extraction mode would do two important things for the current game system. 1. It would put into play a conhensive/ narrative need for more firepower and 2. It would allow the player to create his own level of risk.

4) Easy tweaks to current games/ trilogy.

*Elusive targets mode is broken. Yeah some die-hard gamers like the idea of no one ever being able to play missions they missed, along with themselves never being able to play those missions again. But the rest of us just want to play all of the awesome content IOI has designed.

*Contract mode. Search contracts but creator. Maybe add all disguises in game like Absolution did. Make all source dlc maps available. (Except Vector)

That's all. Thanks for reading this if you did!

Tell me yes or no to these ideas. Comment below please. 🔥

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