Hitman 2

The Newspapers of Sapienza

Hitman3 - The Newspapers of Sapienza

A Tour of the Newspapers available in Sapienza

So this all started when I noticed that a copy of the signature newspaper of Sapienza, Regionale Prima may be found on a bench in Mendoza. Clearly Don Yates was keeping an eye on Caruso…

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47 loves Regionale Prima, even in Mendoza

So I decided to scour Sapienza for all its newspapers and discover the reading habits of each of its notable citizens. Of course 47 starts off reading Regionale Prima, the prime choice.

Aah, Sapienza

First off is Salvatore Bravuomo. Laying next to the entrance to his office is Auto Moto GOO! , a strange choice for a man of Bravoumo's learning.

Bravuomo loves cars

Next up is the shop being refurbished, where a pile of old copies of Notizie lie thrown away. The best thing to do with them, Notizie is the inferior choice to Regionale Prime.

Terrible newspaper

On your way down to the beach, stop at the newsagents. In the stack of magazines you'll find a copy of MOD, with our old friend Sato the designer on the front cover. Don't forget to pick up a copy of VINO, a quality wine guide that Silvio Caruso himself keeps in his dressing room.

We meet again Sato


As you approach the Church, you'll find Father Francesco featuring on the front cover of Notizie Dal Mondo, a rarer publication (I could only find 3 copies in the level).

Enjoy your front cover Father

Enjoy the Sun, then as you wander back to your apartment, stop in the apartment with the Church Staff disguise. Here you'll find a copy of Roberto Marchelli, an excellent new biography.



But what has 47 himself been perusing? Well he has his own taste. By his sleeping bag is Il mercante de Sapienza, a great piece of local history, alongside the latest copy of Guns for Hire , advertising the latest Bartoli offerings.

Bedtime reading

On the bookshelf is the latest copy of HIT Magazine, featuring a familiar face on the front cover and articles on "NEW HITMAN" and "KILLER OUTFITS". Finally 47 has been flicking through Weapons Weekly dissatisfied with the lack of silenced weapons.

subtle references


Upstairs in Roccos room, you will of course find copies of rags such as STELLA. You really need to go to work Rocco.


Perhaps the rarest newspaper in all of Sapienza (found only here) is the stack of Italia Giornalieros found in the closed cafe next to the Sanguine shop. A good paper, but hard to get ahold of.

But what is the paper of choice for your targets? In Silvio's office you can find a dusty copy of Notizie Dal Mondo, but fear not because beside his bed is Regionale Prima, the favourite of all upstanding citizens of Sapienza.

Francesca's choices are harder to make out however. Her room is very dark, but you can just make out a copy of Archaeologist alongside another magazine about Novikov. But no Regionale Prima. Dissapointing, but I suppose you are new to Sapienza Miss De Santis.

As I conclude this tour of the reading habits of Sapienza, I hope you have enjoyed. I leave you with this beautiful image of a stack of fresh Regionale Primas ready to be delivered, the best newspaper in Sapienza.


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